Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 020

Date: Jul 31, 2006

Yesterday me and dreamer went for a short luring section . The weather was hot .We finally reached and start casting our jig within a few cast a small catfish was foul hooked by my jig, soon after we unhooked the hook fish was released . Well not a bad start for the day

So we carry on jigging , dreamer decided to change his jig to the one tat I'm using while he is doing the change of jig i took over his spot where he was standing . Oops i did it again my 4th AC on artificial lure, 3nd AC on jig this prove my inshore light jiiging works . Dreamer do you agree with me ? kekekeke.This AC took my jig in surprise while i was talking to dreamer .

Fish was also released after some photo had been taken




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