Thursday, August 26, 2010

The rain won't stop us from fishing 2

This was a trip last week in one of the saltwater holes under lots of rain clouds and strong winds, actually there are some rain drop falling on us while we were fishing. This kinda condition i guess most of the ppl will just call it off for another day lol. But lucky that we stayed...... haha i landed my first saltwater Tarpon on a white maria angle kiss 115.

Ibr hitted 1 before me with a Ima bita, first we tot it was a small barramundi but when ibr pump it that fellow both me and sh shouted TARPON ! TARPON!.

Ibr lifted up the fish with his rod on the ground, haha everyone was kinda happy as we knew we have found the right spot this time.

After helping ibr with the photo taking i went back to fish , he alone went over to another end to release the fish. While ibr releasing the fish i hitted my first Trapon! As i mentioned before it was taken on the white maria angle kiss 115.

The fish has some injury during the fight but luckly it still manage to swim off.

Hopefully it could survive

Oh ya my Photobucket was down again some of my pics are gone for the moment lol