Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shimano open house 2012

Last sunday me and some of my friends went to the shimano open house at hotel rendezvous. The turn out of the event was good i guess hahaha,quite a bit of friends were there like a mini gathering.

Shimano showcase some of their new products, i kinda like the new shimano vanquis light and smooth

On the event they have this lucky draw thingy all you need to do is pay $10 to get a copy of the shimano latest catalog, it comes with a roll of powerpro line and a lucky draw ticket

I got a small shimano FX Reel from the draw whahahaha

Happy man walk home with a stella........

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Southern Island with my friends

Hey Guys

This is a trip quite sometime back in January my first offshore with eddie and micheal, it was a fun trip i can say. I know this is a bit to back dated sorry about that work is busy lol

Our first location Mr ho bring us to a place for some micro jigging fun with the Hard tail scad and some some queenies

But we also try our luck with madai jigs both me and eddie landed a small grouper

My Ornate Threadfin Bream aka ang go li on madai..... lol

That day the fishing was slow we move from spot to spot, catch rate was not so good in the morning.

My very first local Coral Trout on jig with a yo-zuri L jack.

Later part of the day catch rate are better by a bit :( anyway ok la at least got some fish to play with.