Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 019

Date: Dec 19, 2005

popper kim

Yesterday when luring wif my buddy's again on our way it started to rain cats n dogs o man not yet start casting we caught cats n dogs already hahaha peep kekeke

ok lucky us the rain stoped hopefully it won't be a bad day for us , first lure used was the lure i choose for the weekly event The First XJ after a few cast the feel don't seems to feel right so i decided to chg a new lure tat i just got from sea tackle this is the 2nd time i used it .

Have no idea why i got a feeling of casting this popper anyway i just cast n pop it kekeke . the way i work this lure is (POP,STOP, GO. POP,STOP,GO) in slow speed. hey don't tell anyone hor .

Out of no where something from below just hit my popper (BENG) the fight is on this fish jumped let say 2 time or so lol this small kim weighted a 3.5lb on boga and i had to thanks uncle from helping me taking the pictures n fish was CNRed , thanks for the fight hope to met you again when you grow biger dude



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