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My past catch 051

Mar 20, 2008

As usual last saturday night a group of friends went fishing together again, weather looks fine to me but there is some wind... hopfully it stays this way ( better then rain right?)

After setting everything up at our base time was about 11pm water was slowly moving its way down and no time to waste fishmanokbl took his gears off he go like an speeding bullet.

Soon everyone started to move around searching for the first fish of the night, we was splited into a few small groups. Before i make a move from home i told myself to buy some new battreys for my touch light but i forgot about everything luckly SavageHollowist did bring some extra battreys. Both of us has been casting for an hour with no result so i decided to head back to the base for some refreshment, on the way we meet fishmanokbl alone casting along the breaker so we asked him "wanna go back for some food and drinks?"

Fishmanokbl said: O ok i was about to do that come lets go, i had prepared some corn beef for you guys, come AC lets go... .

So i radio useree and the others asking them to head back to our base for the corn beef that fishmanokbl prepared for us. After the nice food some of them decided to catch some sleep so that when the tide is right they still can have the energy to work harder. SavageHollowist,blazer and me did not gave up we now change into squid hunting as we got our own light source kekeke like those oil lamp used in BJT. Placed it near to the breaker hopefully it could bring us some squid, 15mins later finally i had a goal keeper that took my pink colour squid jig and on the surface we are able to see some tiny ones swimming around



We carry on egi-ing for awhile till my eye lip start to feel heavy " Guys its time for some rest i'll set my alarm clock but if i'm unable to wake up at first light wake me up k


The next morning i woke up at about 7.30am some of the rest had already started fishing, so i went out to join them, on my way saw gary holding something on his hand was that a fish? asked myself, when he came closer

YES! finally a fish

( i tot but the camara date tells me that this was not the first fish, first fish of the day was caught by useree)

Its a small one but a good start for the day

Soon after taking some photos fish was released back to where it should belongs too, and a chance to grow bigger for the future. We are anglers not fisherman!


fishmano sat down on one of the rock just 30 meters away observing performance by Useree & Savage Hollowist on one of the waterbreaker.fishmano told me that Useree had already landed a small grouper ( mentioned before above) Having a roll of Van nelle enjoying the sea breeze thinking of a game,suddenly saw a serious act by Savage Holowist.He's serious, he's keen & confidence been built up to nail a specie there...tossing here & there,flip cast with sudden crank & twitching & soon after he landed a grouper.Shots been taken with cooperation by bro Useree & later freed the cute tiny fella to the wild



20 mins later Savage Hollowist hitted another cute little grouper


This young chap is really a ''future''....well... time for fishmano to work & move on to another waterbreaker & without thinking much,90mm AK been delivered but unfortunately no takes.
on recceding tide,fast moving fishes in action unlikely a grouper can be seen,he changed to flying diver which other twitching lures he's still shortage to brought along.On one of the workout,a good size parrot fish tailgating his flying diver but then again it is unfortunate for this types of offerings....the parrot still decline for a take. ...soon after me & Savage Hollowist join fishmano & move on for a break which where we set up as base station

Hmmmm lets see what they have to say about their catches

Useree wrote:
Woke up. Proceed to the rocky spot. Later joined by Sh & Fishmanokbl. Reached the spot & started casting. Saw the others from the other side having breakfast. My stomach start to rumble. After a few cast a grouper took my lure, but before I could strike the grouper threw it out. What a joke! Like that also can . I jumped in dissapointment and noticed Sh was casting beside me. I got angry as his LS Power is affecting me again . Feel like doing something to him . Then I remembered a dream I have don't know when, someone or something told me Sh LS Power have no effect on newly changed trebles . Well its a stupid dream anyway. I quickly changed the lure trebles, the old trebles was not really that super sharp anyway . Cast a few times and the same grouper whacked my lure, this time unable to thow out the lure & I reel the grouper in. The dream was true after all

SavageHollowist wrote:
Walked around casting my lure, I noticed my lure wasnt deep enough... Luckily I brought my sugar minnow that can dive to the perfect depth for the hunt ^^ Finding every potential rocks that might hold a grouper, I twitch and paused the lure for for the fish to lock onto target hahaha and soon i got my first grouper with this technique
The other grouper was caught when useree saw something that looked like a grouper, I casted over when he said he saw something and instantly, it striked the lure

OMG 10mins later blazer also hitted an small group on his norman deep diving lure , i must say this lure is one of the killer lure for groupers.......


Boring leh everyone around me get fish left and right up and down lol so i moved back to the headquarters. The moment i reached saw sticko moved one spot to another " cast sh....." within a few crank rod bended and few hard pump an fish jumped up to the surface

HUH..... how can that be? am i dreaming?

Nope i'm not lol

a about 1kg group was caugth on the norman deep diver again!


ok lets hear what sticko have to say lol

sticko wrote:
Woke up in my hammock, stone stone.
Remembering the fruitless night before Grrr…

Geared up again for second part of the trip after a light breakfast.
Still nothing… Yet.

Water going down, beginning to see promising under water structures.
Waste no time, start combing the area…
Parrot came to bum at my lure, small groupers swam in and out their hiding places just to inspect the passing lure…. No hook up.

Took lunch and a nap after that..
Current still too fast, pointless to go for the targeted fish. My lure will die for sure in this current.

Tide reaches the lowest and current had slowed down to almost none.
Took out my trusted Norman, snapped it to my leader, first cast was made….
Bum, Bum.. Bum the bottom, bum the drop off… few close encounter with snag, thanx to the large rounded bib and good buoyancy, guitar a little and its freed.

20+ cast later, register an odd bum, it “bum” even before I twitch, Wahahahahah… must be it, strike!
Did that with a little extra long stroke for 2 reasons, first am using a 6~12 bass rod, which lock lower than faster tapered rods, need to make longer stroke to compensated what the rod gave…
Second, I know what I targeting, split second delay will end up with it going home, taking your lure with it, light set up that I using stood nearly no chance it that happened.

Fish on liao, being sure that the hooks was securely set, I took a little time to enjoy the short moment of trill, until it decided to swim towards another obstacle, which made me “galang gabut” ran down to the structure, thumb the spool and yank it out of obstacle way.
Loosen my drag but still thumbing the spool, maintaining the line tension and keep the fish head above water (most cases most fish will be a good boy for a moment with head lifted above water), while blazer lip grip the fish. Landed.

Swee swee 1 Kg, and ended my dry spell.

All fish are catch and released

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