Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 054

May 06, 2008

It has been a long time since our group of kaki went off fishing together , on this day dreamer , sticko and the others were in TP pulling fishes up and down. The rest of us were stuck here but thanks god gave us some gif . The weather was hot most of us are almost cook i got no meat so i think i'm good for BKT aka Bak Kut Teh

Around our fishing area there are schools of bait fish swimming around the first thing came to my mind this could be a good chance for the predator to hunt for their food .

The next moment from a far end i heard fauzi and useree shouting ( queenie queenie !!! queenie chased my lure just in front of me!!)

I ran over to take a look but on my way there Useree had already got a hook up and the fight was on , fish jump up high into the blue sky quite a few time telling us "hey we are here"

I can see the joy on useree's face as he had his new gear fixed on his reel the night before , this first queenie on this day gave a test run. When he pulled the fish near another 3-4 queenie was following behind so i quickly casted out my lure twitching it "boom" i had a hit but i guess the hook was not in place i lost the fish in 2 sec. Gave up lol so i helped useree to land the fish

Sobat 80


Soon everyone get to know what just happened and gather closer making the heat even higher, we kept casting the fish kept chasing but they just dont bite so i suggested to use jigs lol but myself did not bring any jigs with me, i knew someone sure will have it i asked Max

" brother got bring jig bo?"

" yup here you go"

Now both of us are using the same lure but we moved apart from each other, i'm still getting hits on the jigs but they kept missing the Assist Hooks so i decided to add a treble hook on the jig. Mins later from the other end Max hitted a fight with an fish while i'm still working my jig way back suddenly a fish took my jig in surprise , this time a success hookup.


A double hookup!!!


ALL Fish was released to where it should belong

Thanks for the fun hope to see you next time kekeke

Over heating weather pls drink more water

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