Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Photobucket monthly Bandwidth yesterday had reset back to zero liao all my photos are up and running... but... i think the 25GB monthly Bandwidth is not enuff for me lor. i just check my acc lol only 1 day i have already used 6.6GB liao how can it survive till month end?

Or i really need to upgrade to a Photobucket Pro?

Oh ya lol take a look at the pics below....


HAHA yes its an letter from PUB i kena fine liao yeah!!!!! lol

Lure Haven's Relocation sale

Lure Haven will be shifting from its present premise to a new location. The address of Lure Haven's new retail outlet is -

10 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199488

Please go to the following link from, for a map of Lure Haven's new shop.

The offical opening date for the new place will be on the 21st April 2009

Relocating Sale

Lure Haven will be having a relocation sale with the following promotions -

(i) 10 - 25% off on lures
(ii) Various discounts on rods such as Megabass, Evergreen, Jackall