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My past catch 041

Oct 28, 2007

Thursday night i had a meet up with joel121 and blackcoast for collection of lures somewhere near to our place at 7.30pm. we had some chat till like about 8.30pm SGPU called me up asking me if i'm going to fish on friday morning at that moment i have no idea where to go.

but i knew it was a good tide that meets the first light so i told him to wait for my call later in the night. I went home to surf the net and loged in to FNR for some read ups till about 1.30am then i remember about SGPU called me earlier, i was thinking should i call him at this time in the night will he be sleeping already? Seriously it's a tide i'm not going to miss kekeke so i give it a try calling up him. To my surprise he picked up the phone We arranged a time and place.

Time: 5.30am a morning call by SGPU woke me up and he will be picking up me at my place in about 45mins time.

We hitted the fishing ground before 7am so after we setted up our tackles and start casting our lure out to the sea. Weather condition was fantastic with not much winds and clouds covering the sky, calm water surface but i have some other things to be more worry about, i saw sandy again! flying in front of my face O MAN PLS DON'T KISS ME AGAIN. Luckly i'm prepare for that quickly took out my repellent given by SGPU quite sometimes back and apply a lot of them on my hands.Continue luring but not much of surface action till like 7.30am i saw some splashes not far away from us.My guess could be a todak going after some baitfish so i cliped on a chug bug and just fast cranking it on the surface,chug bug is another lure you must bring along your luring trip all kinds of fishes has been landed by this wonderful lure.

After quite some cast suddenly from the back of the lure i saw a quick flash and BOOM!! a huge splash and off go my line. Bro beside me was shock to see such a spectacular moment and he quickly took out his hand phone and do some video taking while i'm having fun with the fish, awhile later fish was tired and i slowly bring in the fish thanks to SGPU for helping me to grip the fish up and the photo taking.

A 3.5kg Queenfish

chug bug



After released the fish we continue casting out lures hopeing there will be more for us, i asked SGPU to switch side with me as it has a higher chance on where i had casted previously that landed the first queenfish.

Then i took out my Ima Keep90s an sinking lure. My first impression of the lure is wow a bit EX leh it's pretty normal looking similar to most other lures might need alot of twitching leh look at the bib. However i had heard comments stating that the action is Good. The Keep90s has a pretty good casting ability with a easy swing and out goes the lure flying like an speeding bullet. i try a few method on working this lure and found out best on fast retrieve or with twitching. while cranking and twitching it has very crazy darting action The lure darts around like a baitfish running away from something that were chasing after it. pelagic fish love fast action Ima Keep90s When retreived straight, it has a very nicely wiggle action that somehow was so eye catching even i would like to give it a bite, How about you Ben ben? kekeke another must have lure into my list

enough for the intro lol let me get back to my CR.

By then i'm getting kinda tired too so i choose to just fast crank the ima keeps90s it back straight to my surprise my line went off again while i turn my head talking to SGPU but this time it was a small queenie that jumped about 3-4 times but i guess the small fellow has no chance at all in no time i draged the fish up keke once again many thanks to Sgpu for helping me griping the fish up and photo taking

2kg queenie

ima Keeps90s



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