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My past catch 039

CR:12/8/20o7 semakau biggest fish landed ever

On the day 12th AUG 2007 our very first trip to Semakau had seen and heard lots of storys about the island itself, can't wait to see it with our own eyes


Time 7.30am all of us meeted up at WCP aka West Coast Pier the weather was fine and looks like it is going to be a hot sunny day, after awhile everyone arrived Mr Au from SFAS came over to us made the last head count and we moved on to the jetty hmmmm but we somehow had a bit problem dreamer and a guy with Yellow shirt was stoped by the officers as they did not bring along their IC or passport they only have Driving licence with them did not know a IC or passport is a must.O man than how huh? HA the other guy from SFAS can't remember his name liao replyed us o hmmm no choice la you 2 got to go back liao la no IC or passport can not go liao.BUT...............!!!! here comes MR Au he was so willing to help the 2 poor guys to solve the problem he went over to talk to the officer and after awhile luckly problem solved Mr AU was asked to be a grantor for both of them

(Many thanks to Mr Au for the help if we happen to meet again kopi on us kekeke)

Mr Au was with us on the same boat had some chat with him he asked us why we are wearing the same shirt and we found out he did not know about FNR kekeke o well that is normal kekeke


After a 20mins of boat ride we finally reached semakau at 8.57am, Mr Au give us a short briefing about the island and fishing grounds. So Off we go jumped up the bus that has been waiting for us in the morning

On the way to the first fishing ground (Phase 2) Mr Au told us more about the place, there will be 2 spots for us to fish at and that is phase 2 and cell 3 when the water is moving up we fish at phase 2 when to water gets higher we move to cell 3 this is the plan for the day


Finally lor we arrived liao lor song liao lor lol after off loading some of our stuff in the shelter everyone chiong ar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!After 50mins of casting Dreamer landed a hijacker lol a Bluelined Hind, why am i saying it's a hijacker kekeke heard from dreamer he said a parrot fish was swimming slowy just in front of him. He was thinking of retrieving back his lure to tis the parrot see if it's going to give the lure a bite lol but on the way back his Flying driver kena hijacker by his small Bluelined Hind

About 11am Mr Au decided to move over to the other spot (cell 3) and was told if there is anyone wanna stay at phase 2 no problem with that, almost all of us wanted to move but the 1 and only locksteven wanna stay so what are friends for kekeke do you think we will let him be alone so we spilted into 2 groups but we still can keep in touch by using our walkie talkie

I was kinda tired lol took a rest at the windy shelter out of sudden i heard someone shouting ( fish on) tio he liao ah!!!!!!!!! so i ran down immediately and saw Mr lock's rod bend like hell. Fish was strong it kept swimming towards the lagoon mouth after some hard fight fish finally surfaced and wow WTH it was a HUGE cuda, Rolemodel was standing by with his grip anytime when the fish came in he will grip the fish up i was beside him see if he need any help sticko busy taking video's ah lock doing what lol fighting the fish la hahaha Jarrett and arsenal Guiding everyone along kekeke what a team work hor lol everyone is busy la

From the information this cuda is the biggest catch on semakau landfill EVER


Flip your LCD if you want lol

The Giant Barracuda ALMOST MAX UP THE SCALE at 10kg

Good news came right after another locksteven landed the cuda at about 11.20am, Fishmanokbl landed a small Spanish Flag Snapper about the same time over cell 3 area from the walkie talkie we had some info over their side someone did landed a few small fish and a small shark but no one on our side took any pic ot it

About 40mins later Mr sticko land 2 small cuda but only able to take a shot at 1 of it cos the other small 1 is even smaller it droop into the water before we can take a pics of it

Soon the others are back to join us at phase2 till the end of the day nothing much happened just a guy missed a cuda thats all

Well let the last few photos tell you the story la hor kekeke


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