Monday, August 29, 2011

The new catch & release pond in Pasir Ris main pond

Recently heard that the Pasir Ris main pond has a new catch & release pond, last saturday jarrett told me that he will be heading down on sunday. Somehow i ended up going down with my friends for a look.

This are the details of the charges and rules to follow, (Click on image for larger photo)

So i thought jarrett will come later on so i decided to start fishing. i actually wanted just to pay $30 for 3 hours to kill itch but mark told me that his willing to chip in $15 more and go for the 5 hours slot. hmmm ok that sounds good lol so we go for the 5 hours slot.

The Catch and release pond was just a small netted area just next to the prawnning pond

Anyway i fished for a few hours and i gave up as i had no takes at all, i got only 1 word to say.... SUCKS..... lol its a waste of time and money. I did not landed any fish sia.