Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 057

May 15, 2008

I remember it was raining cats and dogs in the early morning with strong winds, all of us was hiding in a place where we could not even catch any fresh air haha as i'm the one kept letting out gas to poison the rest. Sorry......

About 30mins later the rain stoped the warm rising sun shined above us showing the lights of hope. Will the rain affect the catch? well we got to try and find out ourself.

After the rain there was no bait fish to be seen on the surface that day, rain hai... we was somehow demoralised after casting for awhile,our target for this trip was the queenie if they are in feeding mode actually they are no picky feeder they go for anything but of cos la we will always look for school of bait fish to locate the queens.

Soon the sun gets to heat up suddenly i saw a flash behind my lure i'm not very sure was it a queen but there is something below thats for sure, ah hammy aka Hizodge was just beside me he laughed and turn around with a tiny fish (hahaha alan i got a fish liao lol)

immediately from the other end sticko had a hookup fight was on we moved over to take a look.

Sticko: YES!! finally my first queen!!!! it was chasing for my popper then he make a U turn luck me unlucky fish was foul hooked on the back i can see it clearly hahaha......

What a good performance they together made, after mins of pulling game fish was landed. what a show


By now everyone is working even more hard as when we are about to land sticko's first queenie there are a few more following below now we knew they are here and biteing,

hammy laughed

WTH you laughing again i said

Hammy: HMmm i kena fish liao hahahaha i kena fish liao

It was a small one but when the fish surface OMG a few more bigger ones are just right below some of us try throwing jigs in hope that the others might just grap and go lol nah nothing happen so we pull the fish up for some photos


Can this consider a feeding frenzy? hmmm not sure lets see how things goes

In our group long and light rods for luring are quite a in thing now kekeke how i hope i can hit something with my crostage kekeke the longers lightes rod in our group was a 8.6''fly rod converted in a spinning rod it bend till a C when i pulled from the other end haha i also hope to see it in action too.

O man the next to report a fish is on was the luck sucking SH hahaha his SC walker hooked up a fish liao now everyone had the same idea lol when the fish is near cast at it haha might have a few more following below lor hmmmmmm this 2 brothers are luck sucker!!!! Hizodge immediately had a fish at the end of his line OMG.. OMG.. double hook ups.....



Mins after they released the 2 queenies now its my turn hahaha what a day :x its a small one but its fun on a long light rod kekeke

Keeps 90s


Last but not least a most surprising catch of the day was by useree a goal keeper AC


Useree: Hmm i was thinking ar to use a jig for queenfish but ar when i let it sink to the bottom the jig was stuck i pull pull pull come out ,come back got a fish liao haha lucky sia.....

What a day after the rain kekekeke

all fish was released after photo taking

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