Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 049

Mar 04, 2008

Saturday night actually i plan not to go fishing as i'm a little tired, but my group of friends call me up and i was draged out to join them for a night fishing trip. They had prepared everything for squids like cutting board, knife, soya sauce, wasabi, and ice cube.

WOW so i was there, its very had to get so many friends to fish together nowadays

We started luring once everyone had setted up their tackles since the water was still kinda low, we put egi-ing aside first and concentrate on targetting the fishes. There might be some groupers hiding along the water breaker, well water level are low so we do not need to use deep diving lures this time but need to be extar careful of walking those slippery rocks. I myself had fall a few times before end up with cuts on my hands ( lucky it did not break) It is very normal when you fall the first thing you do is using your hand to support yourself, you might get your hand cut anytime so sometime wearing a gloves will be an smart choice.

We have been casting along the breaker for at least 30mins but the fish are still not in the hunting mode i guess, so we moved around

Finally the first fish of the night came to visit us, a small todak landed by SH on a angel kiss,


did not saw how it happen as i was at the other end , once i moved over the fish was already waiting for the camara man ( that is me la) just after a few shots fish was released

After the release all of us carry on casting but sadly fishes are not biting. hmmmm i decided to clip on a squid jig trying my luck to see is there any squid around. Soon the other had also cliped on their jigs, jigging up and down up and down .

Oh my god this lucky guy again? SH was the first to land a small squid again! follow by blazer hitted a small octopus on the squid jigs. everything was so quiet after that



The next morning a few more small grouper finally decided to gave us a visit

First grouper in the day




Last but not least i have to thanks the hamboy for the ham kekeke

this coming weekend we will be off to pekan no chance for you to take our luck hahahaha

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