Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 044

Dec 05, 2007

Last sunday 2 poor guy when fishing together in the morning.The plan is to meet up in the morning at kallang MRT but....... something scraw up on the notice board that SBS putted up at the bus stop, so many poeple was waiting for the bus at the bus stop i was 1 of them,

Some roads are closed on the day for the run so there will be no bus service on my side of road the notice board stated a wrong timing i guess so many ppl were waiting for bus at the bus stop

after like 20 mins of wait i feel a bit funny , why not a single bus passed by.So i decided to take a taxi across the road, HA this is not the worst of the story i could not get any taxi even those empty one do not want to pick up customer ( More than 5 taxi ) agr........ finally got taxi stopped BUT !##$%&$#@! SOMEONE HI JET it came out just in front of me WTF i was so fire up. NVM nothing can stop me lol decided to walk my way to kallang MRT,

it took me 30mins to reach and meet up with sticko for breakfast, fishing spot nowadays are getting lesser and lesser we had no idea where to go thinking up and down for a place for like 30mins finally ar we decided to go to some old spot to try our luck.

Reached the first spot water are rising slowly so both of us clip up our lures and started casting, i'm using a Zip bait 11F this lure caoght me a 3kg kim on my prev ubin trip hopefully this time it could bring me some fish again kekeke.

Yup it did !, a small group hitted the Zip bait 11F just in front me while i retrieve it with fast twitching slapping water rod hahaha (ah girl, TT, banzai you guys saw i did it before at lsr)

Zip bait 11F




greedy !!!! a crab was in the mouth but still whack my lure


Later on the day 2 friends joined us so we moved to the second spot a place with A LOT OF POEPLE ard us (up and dowm).The wind was so strong i feel like i'm casting a boomerang lol

casting casting and still casting but no fish leh.....

(Ring ring hello alan me fishinglala where you all huh i come find you k

ok we at xxxxxxxxxxx come find us la

ok i come wait for me




OUCH!!! you are stepping on my head



Now 5 of us was working hard for a fish our sticko was the man of the second half kekeke a small grouper again

AIMS arrow head 120 TR


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