Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today finish work at about 5.30pm lucky ar... no need OT today hahaha yesteday work till quite late , so today after work i never go anywhere came back home for dinner and relax. yes la finally i finish up re posting my past catches from the lure section to my blog liao kekeke.

Hand itch liao leh~~~~~ weekend faster come pls kekeke

LOL 10 mins ago i found out that my signature and profile in the forum was edited everything was emty , i know the rules mah no link of blog or whatever link is allow in anywhere or signature right me know,me know

i just put acfishing@blogspot under my profile Occupation no link mah and write visit my blog for my CR on my signature. hmmm so tat is consider link? if yes than i LL lor

No need like that bah ~~~~
edit my signature
edit my profile
you like that C no open meh

hope i can still edit my profile on my next login
hope i can still display signature on my next login
hope i can still login on my next login kekeke
hope i can still be treated as an normal member


good night

lots of work for me tml