Thursday, August 13, 2009

Only hear the nice words P_B! P_B!

Last night we went to a freshwater hole which most of you might know hahaha. 4 of us decided to explore new area as we don't want to stuck at 1 usual spot. we started fishing about 12 plus am lol its a risky timing you know hahaha. After about 30mins of searching finally i start to have bites.

Suddenlly i heard SH shoutting PB PB CAST CAST but actually when i hear carefully he was shoutting PUB PUB! lol . the funny thing was even ibr and ham also heard sh shoutting PB PB and from the way sh pump his rod is like he had a fish on. but the actual thing was sh are using mid diver.

The moment i realise sh was shoutting PUB not PB i turn my head and saw the 2 head lights are getting near i straight away ran and jump over a drain to the road side. while we are standing along the road side a police car bypass and looked at us.

OH shit oh shit hahaha

die liao die liao

lucky never stop but i still don't feel safe standing there lor so we moved to a bus stop nearby , lol we can run but we can't hide the police came to the bus stop and call me over. He told me that here cannot fish ask me to go away kekeke ya i told him we know and we are leaving liao. he was a nice police man lor he understand we are just fishing only, fishing is an good hobby but here cannot fish hahaha.

LL we have to go back to our usual spot but nvm hahaha lucky enuff to break the egg i got 2fish last night kekeke

Rod: shimano bass rise 6-14lb
Reel: shimano sienna 1000 FB
Line: fireline 8lb
Leader: Triumph Shock Leader 20lb
Lure: DIY rubber