Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 062

Aug 05, 2005

Wednesday nite ms pond

Line snap : 7 (UFO)

landed: 8 red snapper, 2 pomfret, 3 kbl , 1 trevally

some of the fishes friends bring it back liao so its not taken together in the pics

good luck guys we saw a mama ack about 3 to 4kg & many trevally think we will be back on sunday nite kekeke




Mar 25, 2006

Well guys yesterday went fishing wif Xris seen we have not fished together after the kelong trip . we decided to do some casting ,it was a sunny afternoon lol hmmm not tat sunny after we set up very thing

we was there about 2 hours not a single bite at all, soon the sky started to rain @#$#&&*(**( packed up our stuff while we are about to move off from MS the rain stop !#$%$%&* lol

End up we went down the MS pond for an hour of fishing in the so call pro pond ,18buck for 1 hour not bad kekeke

total 3 fish was landed missed a few




  1. i so missed the old marina south..

  2. Yes

    me too bro,

    its hard to find a good pond nowadays