Friday, March 30, 2012

Chop hock Heng closed

Hi guys just a update we are close for business from yesterday onwards, was sad to hear that when my boss told me yesterday last min.

Many thanks to you guys for dropping by to visit me in chh really great to know you guys.

Tml will be my last day with chop hock Heng

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

pekan light jigging trip 18-19th Mar 2012

Hi guys i'm back from my rompin trip last weekend, its was not as good as what i expected but overall we had fun.

On this post i'll like to share some of our catches in pekan 2 weeks back, not much fish landed but finally i landed a sizeble Ebak this time.

This was the same old coffee shop that i first went pekan many years back nothing much change at all

Even the boarding place did not change too

Always hearing people saying that it will be a 1 day bad 1 day good, but it dont work for us lol our both days sucks. Not just us the rest of the boat suffer the same thingy. We actually bumped into some of our friends in pekan their result was not good too.

Catch of our trip.
Surecatch Flasher 40G landed most of the fishes on this trip.

I'll be heading up to pekan next month again lol hopefully it will be a better trip :)

Will update my rompin trip when i got the rest of the pics from my kaki's

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back from pekan

Hi guys I'm back from Malaysia fishing but tml night I'll be setting off to rompin :) .

Our pekan trip was not good fishes are not biting I manage to hit 1 fish per day lol. Anyway will upload photos when I'm back from rompin as I forgot to bring my camera to pekan lol. Need to get the photos from Jamie .

Oh ya Jamie and a few if my friends are going new Zealand this weekend hope they have lots of fun over there.

This are the hooks needed

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Off To Malaysia

Getting out of this small island in a few hours time! We will be heading over to pekan for a light jigging trip, hopefully the weather is good over there.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chop hock Heng will be closing down

Hi guys,

just to share with you guys that chop hock Heng will be closing down the retail shop in beach road latest by 31th march if nothing goes wrong. I'm gonna be jobless for a while but no worries I have found a new job :)

It is real sad to see another shop closing down, hock Heng are one of the oldest tackle in Singapore.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Southern island madai and micro jigging

WOW a long time did not update anything here whahaha sorry was busy with stuff. Anyway just to share some photos of my recent this with ah ho few days back.

Weather was nice and cooling haha lucky did not rain or else it will be a wet trip. We first went for some micro jigging with light set ups, jigs ranging from 7g-18g we hitted many fishes like Brownback Trevally "Orh Kah Hiah" and Hard tail scad some other small fishes

The Hard tail scad may be small but they are strong i really enjoy playing with them on my major craft GO-emotion GES-63UL 6'3" 1/32-1/4 3-7lb EX.FAST ACTION ROD.

We did not take much of photos on trip trip.

Afetr all the micro jigging we went for the madai jigging, recently this madai jigging was hot seems like everyone are going for it. Aylwin hitted a nice size parrot fish for his mum :).

The only trophy catch was by our Mr ah ho a 24lb grouper!

Oh ya Desmond landed 2 squids while we having a break on pulau huntu :)

Everyone borrow the fish for photos hahaha, some of you may ask what happen to the fish? It was taken back by the Captain Ho