Tuesday, March 30, 2010

White rabbit rubber lure

Recently i got myself quite a number of the white rabbit rubber from my work, as we will be heading down to aunties pond again on this coming weekend. The white rabbit rubber are 1 of the recommended soft lure for pond fishing from what i know.

Colour chart

There are 2 model 5558 and 5553 the diff between both is the tail.

5553 rounded tail
5558 hmmm lol let the pics tell you the shape

i personally think the 5553 ones are better as the swing action of the tail are better lor.

Last weekend i tot maybe i could give it a try in the wild too kekeke so i packed a few into my bag before i went out.

On this trip a VIP joined us lol

Me , mondo and Tommy...... i don't even remember when is the last time i fished with tommy liao lor. Its as normal the 3 of us started out casting once we reached the location but lol nothing seems to be working, but soon after the water level gets lower fishes starts to bite.

Tommy hitted a small barramundi but upon landing the fish, hook came off and droped the fish back into the water.....


After the lost of tommy's barramundi i happen to see some action long my area , immediately i cast my smith cherry blood 110MD over and fast crank it pass a rock.


The fish dashed out to grap my lure


It was a small barramundi

Once after releasing the fish i went back to the same area with the same lure lol i hitted another small grouper hahaha . So lucky..... so happy....

But no photo....


At the end of the day i took out the white rabbit rubber to give it a try , on my 5th cast with lift and drop method i hitted a 4lb grouper.

White rabbit WR 5553-8.6CM





2 grouper and a barramundi for me kekeke

To: Tommy can't stop to long must always call me out to fish k , i'm free this coming holiday let me know if you wanna fish again .