Monday, December 29, 2008


Was searching for videos on fishing in youtube kekeke and came to this video, they are froging with worms in a pond i suppose

From what he says that froging do not need any hooks hahaha once the frog grap the worm it will never let go of it liao

PE line for sale

varivas light jigging 10x10 200m x 1
Pe 0.6 8lb


varivas light jigging 10x10 200m x 1
Pe 1 16lb
$50 SOLD

YGK Jigman X4 30lb 300m $38 SOLD

YGK Jigman X4 40lb 300m $38 SOLD

YGK Ultra jigman x8
Pe 3 47lb 300m

Fireline Smoke colour
8lb 125yds
$15 SOLD

varivas P.E TUNA power max braid x 8
P.E 4 300m

varivas avani jigging 10x10
PE 5 200m

SMS me at 90418894

I'm sick

hahaha i'm supposed to work today but i'm sick, yesterday night after logging off i went to bath and go to bed, in the middle of the night i kena fever hahaha this morning cant go work.

i'm now feeling better hopfully tml i can go work hahaha

Btw just got an sms from desmond saying he just resign his work , oh man hahaha what happen?