Monday, August 31, 2009

Today me and ibr went to do some receeing , the walk was about 5km up and down hills my legs now a bit jelly liao hahaha. oh ya still preparing the stuff for the toman pond CR hahaha it will take sometime for me to finish it lor .

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Snakehead ( Toman) fishing Pond in singapore

{Some changes of the toman pond has been made recently, info updated on 29 Aug)

Another boring weekend morning staying at home rotting in front of my com.

I recently read in fishingkaki that there will be a new Snakehead (Toman)Pond opening at Bottle Tree Park (Opp Yishun Stadium) on the 1st week of August (subject to confirmation).

Below are some of the information about the pond.

Catch and Release.
Min Weight released fish 3KG to 8KG.
No Live Bait.
Artificial lure ONLY

each season will be 3 hour from any hours of the day.

Each session $40 per pax.
Minimum 5 to 7 anglers to book

Any enquiries please feel free to contact 93434347 Nick ,91829818 ah leng or 98003230 for booking


I got nothing to do with the pond just wanna share this news to everyone in singapore or maybe around the world hahaha.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rain rain and more rain

Yesterday morning supposed to fish in the morning but due the the bad weather we had to cancel the trip. So when i woke up around 9am i gave ibr a sms asking him if he want me to follow him to send the car for servicing not, cos it will take a few hours so we can go somewhere near to kill itch.

Ended up we took a bus to NSLK and we were trap under a bridge hiding from the damn heavy rain for at least 1hour 45 mins.

Zero catch lor lol




since we are also quite near to the newly open Toman pond might as will head down to take a look. We bumped into one of the handler of the toman pond and asked him some details.

also asked him if we can enter the pond to take a look and he said: yup no problem go ahead

There are already a group of anglers fishing inside liao and 1 of them were my friend lor hahaha so lucky. me and ibr was there for about an hour within that hour they landed about 5 and lost quite a number of takes.

Took some photos of the place to share








My friend also told me better be fast before the fishes gets smarter hahaha

Will be booking the pond soon and will do a small review on it

very soon hahaha

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amazing squid fly

yesterday Roger sent me this video the squid fly look very amazing lor but to bad can't find any video of how to tie it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Japanese Name

Just came back from beach rd after a kopi season with a few friends, the irst thing i do is mafia war on facebook hahaha and also took a quiz "What's Your Japanese Name?" and got the result: Masaru - "victory"!


Hopefully after i got my Japanese Name i can fish like the anglers in those Japanese video tml morning lol

Good night guys

Do you know Nowadays PB's are getting smarter?

This morning the group of us went luring again , the weather was bad it rain quite heavy lor. So last min change of location we decided to go a place we do not even wanted to go but no choice that was the only place we can think of lol. I told ibr let's gave it a last try la if its still sucks we ban the place forever hahaha.

We start casting about 7am necro was the first to land a small Pb, i told myself wow good leh got hope liao today. After helping him took some photo i went back casting, the Pb's are around we can see them whacking on the surface and they came in quite a big number, having a feeding frenzy within our casting distance. But they reference to take anything even spin flies are not working.


Oh ya there were 2 baiters using small live fish as bait usually they could land quite a number of PBs in one day but today the PB reference to take baits too.

Oh man they are smart de lor

At end of the day sh last min landed a PB so total we had only 2 pbs


its getting harder....



Monday, August 24, 2009

Kaiser Pro Shop

Saw this news in the forum this morning so me, jarrett and ibr went down to take a look after a recee season in the afternoon

lol too much walking liao today, my leg now like jelly sia....

Took only this 2 pics cos my cam low batt liao la....



Kaiser Pro Shop
Address: #01-25, Golden Landmark, 390, Victoria Street, Singapore 188061. Tel: +65 63966232 Fax: +65 63966231 Email: Opening hours: Monday to Saturday - 11am to 7.30pm. Sunday - 12noon to 4pm.

For more info on what they have you can visit their blog

Click here for Kaiser Pro Shop blog

Unpleasant visit to auntie pond after fishing

Yesterday early morning the group of us went fishing again after the rain, mondo came picked me ,roger and momok then went to meet up with ibr. Wow its been a long time never fish with roger liao lor..... kekeke

We reach location at about hmmm 7am if i'm not wrong and splitted up into 2 groups to fish in 2 diff areas.

Me, roger and momok took a 15mins walk to the fishing hole and started casting but before us there were 2 uncles already started fishing at the same hole liao . hai... they are the T.P tpye.

i got about 6 or 7 small PBs , they were released after photos







We call it a day at about 9 plus as fishes don't bite liao, so we decided to head down to GT pond to look for edward to confirm the booking on this coming 30th and at the same time ibr wanted to take a look at the pond cos he never go before GT pond or the so call auntie pond.

We first walk around the farm feeding the pacu and arapaima then went over to look for edward BUT we was stoped by one of the worker when i try to enter the so call auntie pond ! He told me if you are not fishing you are not allow to enter the pond , i was like WTF what kind of rules is this open a fishing pond but don't let public which are not paying you to enter the pond to see see look look? or if i bring my girlfriend which are not fishing also can't enter?

There is a note on the gate if i'm not wrong saying something like only anglers allowed.

Ok nvm its your way of running the pond your hse your rule

i told a uncle which looks like the boss we are looking for edward regarding the booking of pond next week but still they don't let us in. And i heard him saying even if you booked the pond next week you now can't enter the pond either, you book next week next week then can enter.

Hot ar hot ar you won't know the feeling if you are not there lol

anyway manage to talk to edward at the end cos he came out to take something hahaha

BTW i am wondering are auntie pond Licensed?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

First time tying a "Surf candy"

On my recent post mentioned tat i bumped into a friend doing fly fishing in the GT pond, their catch was way better then the guys on the other side of the pond which are using rubbers. So i asked him what fly are they using and he told me its call "surf candy"

ibr bought 2 from coho for sample kekeke and at the sametime i watched how the pro tie it.

It super nice lor

when i came back home did some search on the internet for more detail on how to tie it.

kekeke this is what happen

Sorry ar first timer, only the 4th ones look better hahaha

The tying of this fly is quite easy but the applying of epoxy is hard as i do not have a rotating dryer, and my vice are unable to rotate too.

Click here to see how its done By Kasper Mühlbach.

Will try it tml kekeke

low morale

The fishing is really getting bad nowadays in singapore, our group of ppl are having a hard time on that hahaha everyone now very low morale liao. yesterday after a short eging trip with mondo something just came across my mind , a tot of giving up fishing hahaha. i had never had this kind of feeling de lor untill yesterday hahaha

now i know why some of my friends gave up fishing liao

Tml we will be going for freshwater luring but i'm very worry now hahaha cos super scare as i had a bad feeling something might just make me even more sian.....

Mondo lets start a forum call " i quit " hahahaa

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shimano Super Aero FV 2002 Model


No drag tpye

Brand new

Looking for $30


call or sms me at 90418894

Dealing at kallang mrt or beach rd

Used Lures for sale

selling as a set for $40 sms or call me at 90418894

Dealing at kallang mrt or beach rd

1: ima popkey
2: Alive minnow
3: Abu tormentor
4: rapala rattlin
5: rapala skitter walk
6: Duel quiet wave
7: rapala jointed
8: rapala shad rap



( Note: will not reply to [u]sms[/u] like " how to work the lures" :D )

Alomst kena fine again

hai recently not very lucky lor do anything also not right hahaha 2 days ago me, sh and ibr went fishing and almost kena fine again by PUB hahaha but lucky lor they let us go. it was a long strong la hmmm it kinda fun also hahahaha

Today both me and ibr when for the queens in the morning lol but call it a day very early at 9am cos nothing was around , i only got a chase and saw 1 splash then everything quiet down liao.

Hai.... fishing in SG is getting more and more hard , just look at the fishing grounds nowadays we had where can we go......

We had stop buying lures for quite sometime liao as no place to fish what for buy lures hahahaha.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A very close encounter with the black spitting cobra

Do you know there are black spitting cobra in singapore?

I just saw one today hahaha

This morning mondo and i when to the same freshwater hole again hoping to find a way over to another side which i mentioned yesterday. But sad we still can't find it so lol when back to the usual spot for PB's. hai.... today the pb's are not around maybe they knew its a saturday and might have lots of anglers coming for them lol, yup quite a number of anglers today but they are going for the tomans ,i heng heng landed 1 samll pb keke.


After awhile mondo and i decided to move around to recee abit, we came aross a PUB sign so we bashed in to try for awhile. Our cuda cum haruan king again hitted a haruan on a surecatch flie he bought sometime back , but sad sad sad the haruan went into the weeds and got away.

Moved on to another area after mondo lost the fish lol it was so tired to walk so mush lor lol. Yup we found another hole to bash in but before us there was a lone ranger fishing there liao and there is not much of casting space so we decided to call it a day bah.....

When we reach mondo's de car at the road side which is quite far... away from the water.

suddenlly there are a few more anglers came out from the OTHER side of the road both me and mondo scratched our heads, huh" WTH inside got pond ar OR monsoon drain? why got poeple come out with fish de?

hahahaha they are also lurers but the A.L.T.P tpye

They T.PED Pb and haruan

I heard one of them saying that some of his friends are over the other side lol me and mondo scratched our heads again huh there also got hole to fish!!!

Anyway after they leave we decided to go in and take a look, walk walk walk..... yup we found our ans. There was a very nice looking drain deeper inside.

Nice? hahaha sorry ar this is that much i can show you guys kekeke

Ok here come the cobra kekeke

So.... we walked a long the drain and jumping over some holes on the ground, then came to a point mondo say can't go in liao but i think there are still ways to go in somemore lor i jumped over a hole again once my foot landed i saw a black cobra's head standing up hahahaha i quickly turn and run.

mondo was just behind me lor he also shocked to see the black cobra lol cos i jump he also follow me jump.

but.... i am so lucky lor the head was not facing me if not i think i sure kena bite or venom spitted.





This could be the nest of the cobra, there is a hole there we saw the cobra went into the hole lol

Scary sia..... so pls be more careful while bashing

after all the walking super tired liao we again decided to call it a day hahaha

But we are not going home lor lol we went to the GT pond to take a look and saw friend flyfishing in the pond. Flie are very effective lor we watched about 1 hour hor the fly hitted at least 7 or 8 fish but only 1 landed. There are a few guys on the other side using rubbers but they had nothing sia, seems like rubbers are not working anymore.







end up we booked the pond on 30th this month hahaha.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Another freshwater trip this morning

This morning me and ibr went for freshwater fishing again lol guess this will be a freshwater week for us. This trip actually we are planning to explore a new area which we saw a few guys fished on our prev trip, it looks good for the tomans so today we did not bring light tackle but... but... just in case we bring along some lures for PB's kekeke

Reach location at about 6.20am we bashed around but unable to find a way over the other side so we gave up and return to the usaul spot for PB's...... Within about 40 mins me and ibr landed 10 over pcs of small pbs after that everything quiet down.





So after that we moved in a bit to see if we are lucky enuff to hit any haruan along the side as while we are hitting the pbs we heard sounds of haruan whacking along the side. Suddenlly ibr spotted a school of small tomans and the mama was around so he shoutted telling me about it. I immediately snap on my popper but hai..... the mama is not taking lor lol ibr landed about 6 small tomans while sreaching for their maama lol i also landed a few on my floating jackall doozer.



We kept casting and casting for the mama but hai..... i gave up lol

Instead of toman or haruan i had a PB on the seahawk mini frogie while i crank it along the side.