Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 034

Aug 02, 2007

It's all start on a rainning morning i was chatting with Arsenal in the chatroom and he jioed me to go fishing with DBS and banzai i was like a bit worry about the rain keke anyway i chiong la don't care liao . After DBS picked me up we went to sea tackle to shop for awhile keke he bought some sercet weapon for the day and we move on to fetch banzai over his place

Time: about 4pm reached spot and start casting, bait fishes are all over us . half an hour later i missed a fish that try to grap my lures in front of me when i lif up my lure the next moment someone shouted that his line broke not far from my side fish took the lure dancing and jumping trying to shake the hook out from the mouth , there is nothing we can do so just watch it jumped up and down at least 7 times in a roll .

Soon everything starts to slow down bait fish seems to be swimming away from us tide started to move up liao dreamer and sticko came and joined us about 5.30 if i'm not wrong lol i was bored and starts to do funny things like luring with my legs


Time about 6.55 pm sticko had a fish on, first we tot it was an kim but when he crank the fish in OMG it was an barracuda lucky thing the cuda did not cut his line kekeke .

3.5kg Barracuda and was CNR after some photo taking




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