Sunday, November 29, 2009

A revisit to an old forgotten spot this morning

Fishing is really getting from bad to worse on our side, we are very disappointed and wondering what has went wrong to us recently. I find that something is not going very right maybe the attitude has drifted off liao. Sometimes gave up very fast on some spots, sometimes gets REALLY picky, someone even gave up spots that don't catch sizesble fish hai.... wake up wake up dude it will bring you to nowhere with this kind of attitude.

I guess some of you might notice that our catch are rolling down the hill fast lol.

Today we went to a old spot somewhere near seletar dam, it has been years since i last visit the place. One of the small bridge has broken down we had to build our own bridge in order to cross lol











We saw some splashes that looks like fish whacking but everything stoped very fast. LOL then comes the ultimate hahaha it started to rain nb.... so we call it a day at about 9 plus am and went down to team 7.

HAhaha what a trip

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Necro trying on his new G Loomis cap

This afternoon necro came to look for me at my work place (Chop Hock heng)and got 2 shakespeare spinning reels for his mum and his fiance for the trip tml in BJT, they are going there just to jig for the tamban's. LOL i poked him a bit of getting the G loomis cap in the shop.

Necro try fitting it kekeke hope he won't kill me when he saw this the next time he visit me hahaha

Oh ya we carry quite a number of design but some of them are sold out, the one necro wearing is the last pcs in the shop. we will be ordering in more soon.

Jackall Fishing Lure

Friday, November 27, 2009

Another sad and tired fishing trip last night

Last night after work i met up with mondo and hang around in beach rd for awhile then went over ibr's place for dinner. We decided to go for some sebbies hunting cos saw dave and his group of kaki had landed some recently.

Around 10.45pm we picked up sh and off we go to the fishing location. Hmmm it has been more than 6 months we did not visit this place liao, I still remember our previous trip there was terrible. We had mud all over our shoes, foots and hands lol free mud spa, but last night the walking in part is much more easy.

When we reach everyone started to grap their own fav lure and desperate to make the first cast, haha hmmm if i'm not wrong my lure was the first to hit the water.

But no takers

To cut short everything lol last night the place sucks big time we worked very hard with all kinda method and lures that works for sebbies but hai.... zero not even a take,so at about 1 plus am we call it off and went to macdonald.

After the food and TCS (Talk Cock Section) Mondo suggested to go for next round in the morning, at first i was like hmmm... tired leh but end up i decided to go for it kekeke. ibr and sh not joining us sad sad but lucky they did not lol. Me and mondo took a nap in his car till like 5.15am and drive off to the next location.


We was there at around 6.15am both of us started casting, our aim is the PB's but hai..... luck recently are not on our side. The wind start to blow, water gets really choppy oh man that was bad... usually this kind of condition sucks. Mondo only landed a small PB on the rubber ibr gave us quite sometime ago. the fish took the rubber once it droped into the water lol.

After releasing the fish we call it a day.

Sad man really sad fishing is getting harder and harder.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Versus Hook caps

The fishing today was bad .... this was my first off day after i started working , finally a weekend to fish but hai.... was a sad trip again. I lost my bandit diver the one which has a tooth on the head, the lure was snaged into the neh neh rocks.

Only catch of the day was a small tilapia cought by ibr.

After the fishing we went to changi pro gina's shop to see see look look, and happen to saw this versus size L hook cap 58PCS for just $3.00. Seriously worth buying hahaha so i grap 1 pack and i also got another packet of size SS hook cap 50 PCS ( No brand)for $2.50 kekeke just great for my small lures.

Versus hook cap



Actually few years back i got a pack of this from changi before but all use up liao and also no stock lucky now they bring in more



TML another working day.....

Oh ya gina is looking for more crew if anyone are interested can go for the interview

Friday, November 20, 2009

Super number

Today was a bit busy finally hahaha not as boring as last few days, and also found out that beach rd has a super number 2 liao. LOL now we got super number 1 and super number 2 entertaining us. They are good in everything so we call them super number 1 and 2 . Got to learn how to fish from them soon since they are so pro...

Oh ya recently i got a letter from traffic police saying that i will be fine for riding without helmet, speeding and illegal racing few years back somewhere near PRP, and they sent me this photo saying that this was the evidence.

LOL ok this was a joke lol

Good night and good luck

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The damage of my bandit

Ok guys this was the bandit diver that hitted the Barracuda on my trip last sunday night


A few holes here and there





below was another one i got from hock heng and that night i did troll with it but did not land any fish with it.

but.... but....untill last night then i found out a fish actually took the lure lol. troll untill don't know got fish lol. How i knew a fish took the lure? Becos last night i took it out for a look and there was 2 holes on the lure, one of the hole had a tooth stuck in it hahahaha.


any fish

Bandit prowler you can find it in hock heng "buy 1 get 1 free" hahaha, hmmm i'm working in hock heng now kekeke so if free can come find me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our trolling cum luring trip last sunday night

15 Nov our first trolling cum luring trip with jimmy

hmmm totally off from wat we are expecting, Maybe due to the bad weather this few weeks.

hmmm well i don't know la....

That evening me and my friends met up at my place to get some drinks and food for the trip after that we went for our dinner at this Bagus la mian yong tau fu along changi rd.









Food there was not bad and its halal, after our dinner we went off to ponggol marina to meet up with jimmy around 8.30pm. His boat was small but its still consider clean and comfortable for 4 anglers onboard.





Our first few spot jimmy brought us to was somewhere in changi, somewhere tat we are able to enter by foot and asked us to try casting along the breakers and jetty with some minnows and shallow divers for the groupers and barra's but hai.. nothing....Only mondo had a take but NO FISH WAS LANDED AT THIS FEW LOCATION. Kinda up sad about it actually hahaha.

Then later part of the night we moved over to pulau tekong

(Pulau Tekong is the largest of Singapore's outlying islands with an area of 24.43 km², and the island is still expanding due to land reclamation works on its southern and northwestern coasts which will eventually subsume many of its surrounding small islets, including Pulau Tekong Kechil.

Pulau Tekong is found off Singapore's northeastern coast, east of Pulau Ubin. Geographically, it is nearer to Johor, Malaysia than the Singapore main island itself.

Today, Pulau Tekong is used exclusively as a training base for various Singapore Army Units. Home to the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC), this is also where young Singaporean males are conscripted into National Service.)

"Above info was taken down from Wikipedia"

Around Pulau Tekong there is a few very long water breakers , heard from anglers that has fished there before saying that the catch was good and catching quite a bit of groupers.

That is why we booked this trip for a try, our main targget was groupers but of cos we do CNR.

i belif we had cover quite a big area.

We cast and we troll no signs of any grouper and time is running out. But luckly the last 1 hour me and sh each landed a barracuda while trolling along the breaker. Lure was removed by the help of jimmy immediately before bringing up the fish onboard for photos

Mine was landed with the bandit divers bought from hock heng last week, a nice 17 pounder barracuda.Maybe when i got more time i'll put up some photos of the lure and see how much damage the cuda done to my bandit lol


This was about 7lb if i'm not wrong

Anyway jimmy was a nice person he helped us when our lures are cought into snags while trolling.

Fish was released alive so no worries for that, its great to see them swim off

We call it off at 2.30am as everyone got to work the next day. Really kinda sad we did not land any groupers hahaha. We don't expect to land many but at least 1 or 2 grouper and we are very happy liao.

Better luck next time i guess hahaha

Monday, November 16, 2009

First day to work

My first day at work was quite ok... just that kinda tired after last night trip, reach home at about 4am and woke up this morning around 7.30am Zzzzzzz. Everyone at work was very nice STILL..... Am quite blur also hahaha as still not familiar with the stuff yet.

The trip last night was hmmm not so good... it is not as wat we expecting too be.... Totally diff from what we heard hahaha. Doing a draft for the report and will post it once i got all the photos.

Got to get some sleep after this hahaha if not tml sure see many stars around me.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Caught in between

Tonight will be going for the trip with lots of deep diving lures hopefully our lures won't Caught in between those neh neh rocks. lol

Most deep diver user will know how bad to Caught in between those beautiful neh neh

beautiful yet dangerous.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Preparing for my local offshore trolling cum luring trip

First of all i would like to share with you guys a great promotion on some diver's, few days ago i went to hock heng. Eric told me they are having a promotion on some bandit diver in the shop.

oh ya you will be seeing me there very often from monday to saturday liao hahaha

buy 1 get 1 free..... and yup i bought 1 and got 1 for free ($10.30)

lol just in the right time

i need such lures for my upcoming trip hahaha, they got 6 meter plus and 4 meter plus diving depth. i bought the 4 meters ones

lure come with VMC hooks and some rattler in the body.

11 colours

This are the 2 i got

For the past 2 weeks i got my self some lure for this coming sunday trolling cum luring trip with jimmy (boatman) recommended by wenlong from hospot. lures like halco sorcerer 125 (3m+) and 150 (5m+) storm thunder crank, storm mid thunder, strike pro divers, and bandit prowler.

I have neven been to such a trip before so haha no harm trying right? heard that the place was kinda over fished liao

This are some lures that i will bring for the trip

Fishing will be on this coming sunday from 8.30pm to 2.30am a 6 hours trip

Click this link for some photos of my friends trip sometime back

Lets hope it won't rain on that day ........ hai it has been raining for the past 2 days liao

Just finish tying my FG knot hahaha using heavy poundage leader for this trip.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tell me what you see

Saw this photo on a blog this afternoon so tot of sharing it here. Tell me what you see....

If you thought you see that pink girl ass.

you are wrong, you hum sup si tee ko

It is, in fact the white girl's shoulder

Going fishing alone last night but had plenty of fish entertain me

Was supose to had a last min trip with mondo but due to mondo's "smiley" boss his unable to make it so i went fishing alone. Packed up some lures and flies i tie myself and leave home about 11pm. Not sure what time i reach lol cos i forgot to bring my phone when i leave home hahaha old liao. Anyway i started off by cast small black flies i tie for about 30mins no takes at all,


but there was plenty of fish whacking small fishes all over the place.

I'm not using any fly rods hahaha just a normal light spinning rod with light poundage mainline "PE 0.8" so that i could cast small flies without adding any split shot.

but of cos la i won't get much of distance without split shot.

I moved around the area casting here and there suddenlly i had a take on the small black flie but damn.... it missed the hook.

Hmmm maybe the hook and flie are too small so i took out another bigger flie to try, surprisingly the results was better i had 1 small haruan landed on the puffy flie.




And lost at least 8 takes lol they just kept missing the hook!

1 of the eye on the flie drop off lol need to get more eyes to replace it back liao....

1 more step closer to fly fishing.....