Monday, May 4, 2009

Tired of fishing

Nowadays fishing in local seems to be getting from bad to worse, nowadays most of my weekend i'll be at home watching TV, DVD, surfing net, some of my kakis had found new hobby or got their own little secret spot.

Things change a lot around me.

Anyway this was a tiny cuda which i caught on friday afternoon with still hunt 4 inch


Saturday night me .sh and ham went to recee a spot in town lol after a long walk before we can even really cast it started to rain like no tml , lol after the rain we took a taxi back to my home .

I have quite a number of fishes from jan till now but I still can't break my 2kg mark for this year!!!



  1. Wow you are back!!! how was the trip?

  2. lets try knitting instead...

  3. hmmm sound like flying sinker liao

  4. Hahahahaha... just remember 1 thing...

    "You're no bloody Rambo!! Eat your seasick pills before you board the boat."