Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tell me what you see

Saw this photo on a blog this afternoon so tot of sharing it here. Tell me what you see....

If you thought you see that pink girl ass.

you are wrong, you hum sup si tee ko

It is, in fact the white girl's shoulder

Going fishing alone last night but had plenty of fish entertain me

Was supose to had a last min trip with mondo but due to mondo's "smiley" boss his unable to make it so i went fishing alone. Packed up some lures and flies i tie myself and leave home about 11pm. Not sure what time i reach lol cos i forgot to bring my phone when i leave home hahaha old liao. Anyway i started off by cast small black flies i tie for about 30mins no takes at all,


but there was plenty of fish whacking small fishes all over the place.

I'm not using any fly rods hahaha just a normal light spinning rod with light poundage mainline "PE 0.8" so that i could cast small flies without adding any split shot.

but of cos la i won't get much of distance without split shot.

I moved around the area casting here and there suddenlly i had a take on the small black flie but damn.... it missed the hook.

Hmmm maybe the hook and flie are too small so i took out another bigger flie to try, surprisingly the results was better i had 1 small haruan landed on the puffy flie.




And lost at least 8 takes lol they just kept missing the hook!

1 of the eye on the flie drop off lol need to get more eyes to replace it back liao....

1 more step closer to fly fishing.....