Thursday, March 26, 2009

1 more fishing ground gone for good

This evening me,sh and his friend plan to go helipad to do some luring so we meeted up at tj rhu and walk in by the breaker. When we reach the marina barrage a malay uncle talk a bit loud telling us NO FISHING HERE lol yes i know we told him then another officer came out from a small little guard room telling us the same thing.

yes we know we know hahaha

But the sad thing was the road to helipad was block, construction work are in progress. There will be a under ground highway below in the future, and i belif we are unable to fish in that area even if the construction finish they will somehow build something there hahaha like a sea side resort?. Luring, surfcasting whatever fishing GONE........

More and more fishing ground had been taken , enjoy your fishing days while you can hahaha. In the future fishing in singapore will be hard.

My prediction next fishing ground to be closed will be TMFT.... its just a matter of time to come

Finally my first queen in 2009

yO!!! Yesterday morning me and my group of friends went for a morning trip, our target is to hunt for the queens.We had been there quite a number of time liao but seems like i got not much luck over the place lor. But finally i got my first queen in 2009 at this place liao kekeke

It took the lure by surprise i can't remember how it happens also hahaha but it fight quite well for that size.

Some how on this trip my intention is to try the ima honey trap 70S i bought last month, on my prev trip i had a take but hook was not set and i lost the fish in sec.

You will be surprise by this small little thing that only weights 14 grams on how it can fly, the casting of the ima honey trap 70S is good and can easily reach a good distance. I got to agree that its a lure built to cast incredible distances.



Will do a review of it after a few more test kekeke

Anyway the fish was foul hooked on the lower fin kekeke this is very normal and often encounter thingy, they chase, turn and attack from the side so if the fish misses the lure chances of foul hooking it is high (provided they are attempting to bite)



after photo taking fish was released

At about 10 plus am we leave the place to beach rd for our breakfast cum lunch and some shopping. oh ya we bumped into roger and TT there too kekeke

After that went to buy some replacement bearings for our reels oh man it was cheap hahahaha so much cheaper then you got it from tackle shop :X

How much? $3...... lol

DIY bottom bouncing jig

Economics is bad esp for a jobless person like me lol losing a jig to the bottom is so damn easy, so 1 day i had an idea to DIY myself a bottom bouncing jig with some cheap materials, the looks of the jigs do not look good but lol thats the fun of DIY i belif it can be improved by adding some colours on the running sinker kekekeke.The running sink used was from surecatch size 6 its about 40 over grams just nice for some light jigging on the bottom kekeke

Yet to try them out but i had passed a few to friends that had trips soon to test them for me hahahaha


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