Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 050

Apr 24, 2008

me and sticko decided to go alittle off limit after some morning section of luring with no results,so we went to a place i missed alot. Surprisingly the results was not bad

Total 4 small grouper, a cuda and quite a number of throw hooks on 2 different day

Day 1
1st fish that visited us on the day was an small grouper that was almost the same size as the lure sticko used.

moderate twitching the lure (Alive Casting Spell 120mm)

After the fish was released we now knew the fish was still around and biteing and in hope that we could hit something bigger. But to bad we are not prepare for the day, how i wish i had a box with me to bring the fish out to a place that they could live on

Well so we carry on casting

Fishing on water breakers ideally if possible to cast horizon and work your lures along the droop off while the water are still covering a little over the rocks, the next fish was an small cuda that took me in surprise on my 8footer eging rod

moderate twitching the lure (seabass college 90)



The evil me jumped out lol so he asked sticko, hmmm sticko you wanna try casting the eging rod ? very nice you know and easy cast . Come try it try it!!!

After sticko made his so call few cast lol a grouper took the lure aother small grouper was landed



All the fish was released back to the same place but i tell myself if we happen to come back again i will bring something to transfer them OUT TO THE OPEN SEA


LOL here we are again on day 2 same place same target but now i'm with a different setup just in case the bigger ones are around to grap my lures. As i mentioned before ideally if possible to cast horizon and work your lures along the droop off in breakers, so this time i decided to go into the waters with the box


First fish to report to me was a small grouper tat took the lure just after the droop off while i fast cranked my Bitstream 95


We bag it this time hahaha

For the next 30mins we had like 2 or 3 takes but all end up throw hooks sian...........

LOL my crazy idea came out from no where again , hmmm to use a rapala rattlin and zoom acroos the droop off , so i work the lure at a fast cranking speed with a little jerk on the tip, after a few cast this is what i had from playing the Sudden death game



Total 2 fish on day 2 and they are the lucky ones to be free at the open sea

Transfered to the open sea


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