Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 028

Date: May 02, 2007

Sorry guys this is a late catch report, fish was caught recently due to my lost of the camera pics was taken on my friend's cam and he is very busy with his work. finally his free to send me the pics Thanks a lot Vin if you happen to visit the forum kekeke

One find night i had a surprise call from a friend asked me if i'm interested to join him for some kim hunting season. My ans will be hehe yes why not Packed some lures and meet him up at my place around 1.30am this was the first time both of us went fishing together at the same place we both know. Within 1 hour of casting i had a hit on my 90mm maria XJ it was a fatty kim that took my maria deep into its mouth and kept jumping here and there lol i think within 2mins the fish was landed not much fight actually, after taking some pics fish was released

Rod: GL2 6-12lb
Reel: caldia kix 2500
Main line: 10lb power pro
leader line: 30lb triumph fluorocarbon leader
Lure : maria 90mm XJ



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