Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 048

Feb 29, 2008

one sunny morning me and a few friend of mine went to wet our lines in hope to break the big fat egg.

On my first few cast with fast retrieve on the chug bug a small mullet was foul hooked, once my friend saw what i have got he can't stop laughing


saying: ya you break your egg liao you break your big fat egg with a tiny mullet

I slowly remove the hook and throw the poor tiny mullet back into the water but i guess he could not make it liao

Well after an hour of casting we decided to move on the another area just a few meters away, i took out 1 of my fav lure sobat80 that has bring me quite a few nice fishes. This time he did not fail me , a small todak was hooked up after a few speedy retrieve



fish was released after photo

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