Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 053

May 27, 2008

In the middle of the night i gave sticko a call as i could not close my eyes to sleep ( hmmm sorry ar i sleep with my eyes open so no diff lol) i draged him up to go fishing with me.

With no qns "ON!" so i took a cab over to his place to pick him up, soon we reached the fishing ground sticko asked me did i see the tide table?

hmmm no as i wanted to fish badly if not wrong should be down going tide we will be fishing.So both of us started to cast mins later i had a tiny fish on my seabass college 90mm . it was an Cardinalfishes i guess


Suddenly there is a huge school of bait fish jumping all over the place i faster release my tiny catch and casted towards the school of bait fish but i'm not the lucky one this time, sticko had a fish on alomost like an goal keeper he told me right after the lure landed and a few crank BANG fish on OMG.............

You good you lucky i take photo for you kekeke



Well after releasing the small kim back into the water the school of bait fish was still around will there be more kims around? never try never know




Tired and more tired looks like they are not around anymore, how last few cast we go relax liao la i told sticko, after my words a fish took me by surprise" what the heng" fish jumped immediately when i gave it a light strike


landed and released the fish , its time for us to go lol

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