Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch

Date: Jun 11, 2007

Good day everyone

Yesterday morning as usual a group of us went luring again with some of my nice kaki, the weather was so hot and tide are moving down no time to waste anymore everyone start taking out their fav lures and start casting into the water. We was split into 2 groups so that we could cover a bigger area for better results. After a half hour of casting Useree finally had a hit on his black angel kiss but sadly the fish won the battle by rubbing the line against the rock, Useree said when he feel the line rubbing he knew that the fish has gone into the rocks the next moment line was cutted off.after seeing that happen i knew i need to tight my drag a little just in case my new toy from Lure haven hit something like it. i try slow cranking the ima gene 110 surprisingly the action of the lure looks nice even with slow cranking speed then i try twitching it along the rocks suddenlly out of no where this small but you dont often saw it de grouper give the lure a bite right infront of my eyes not much fight but this proven the lure to me

After taking of photos fish was released back to where it belongs




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