Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blind casting for fish

On monday night me and mondo was actually planning to try our luck for the sebbies but just do not know why i had this funny feeling of maybe we can try casting at east coast.

Btw it feel so wired to cast at a beach lol its like blind casting for fish, if you are a lure anglers you will know what i meant hahaha.

No fish also never mind i'm bringing baitcasting set, cast cast also song lol. When we reached east coast i was like OMG.... the wind! hahaha strong winds sia...

i'm not good in casting BC lol now with this kind of wind i will eat a lot of bee hoon liao. We went up to a breaker mondo told me the only choice i had is to cast the right size of the breaker as the wind is blowing from left to right.

Yup very true lol so i went over to the right size and started casting, on my 3rd cast with slow crank on the black maria angel kiss 115 i hitted a 14.5lb barracuda. WTF i was casting so near to the shore is like only 5meter away from the beach. The fight of this cuda was good compared to my past catches, maybe its due to they are in the open sea.

Heres the pics

From the pics i guess you know what happen to my lure lol so many holes on it liao... sad sad.