Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reels Just Arrived

Those reels are available now in chop hock heng liao, last week finally the reels came in lol.

shimano sorona




shimano Twin power C3000

shimano sienna




More reels will be coming in soon if nothing goes wrong.

I'm still preparing the report of our fishing event last sunday lol, this few days busy with stuff hai... so not much time to surf net. Oh ya my glasses gone again lol i sent it back for replacement dur to some problems with the lens.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New tackle shop in telok blangah cres

Good news for people staying in telok blangah area as there will be a new tackle shop opening soon. Few days back boss of the new shop came down to hock heng to grap stuffs for his shop and i was told that the shop will be opening within a week.

Shop of the name the boss still cant decide at the moment.

Heres the address guys

Blk 11 telok blangah cres #01-69

Oh ya the boss actually visited my blog before sometimes back kekeke

Thursday, January 21, 2010

G loomis sticker

More G loomis sticker is available now in chop hock heng liao today my boss dig some out and told us to put it up lol.

i got some of it also lol

Can paste it on my tackle box or rod tube liao kekeke

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pro tech Magic spin light

Was been busy for the past few days so got not much time to come online hai..... Last friday when i was helping out a customer with a plano rod tube i excidentally drop my glasses and it broke lol

Yup broke badly lol the lens totally gone lol cut short the story lucky i got a old spare one at home. On that night i went to do a new pair but but still need to wait for a few days before its ready .

Now i'm wearing the old pair of glasses which i seriously can't see properly, evem now i difficulties in writing this lol.

Oh ya i got myself a new PRO TECH rod recently from chop hock heng, its a new model just came in last week. Line weight of the rod that i got was the 6-12lbs they also have lighter ones in 4-8lbs

Seriously i'm not trying to promote the rod or whatever.... or maybe yes in other ways lol.

it really feels good i'm sure it will be a nice rod for luring and pond fishing.

The blank of the rod is nice and strong with carbon tap wrapping, i just love the action lor..... i will be testing it out this coming sunday on our company fishing event with staff from malaysia.

Took some pics of the rod to share.

shorter ones are non expose butt, longer ones are expose butt lol sounds so not right lor....

The shorter ones are 5ft and 5'6ft 4-8lb with non expose butt so are the 6ft but the 6ft de is 6-12lb.

The expose butt de is 6'6ft and 7ft 6-12lb

All are 2 pcs rod







Loaded with 2 x size 16 weight off the ground.

Ok guys GTG sleep liao got to give my eyes a rest or else i might not see tml de sun .....

Just in case anyone will ask this is the address of chop hock heng

289 , Beach Road #01-01
Singapore 199552

Tel : 6297 2914

Reader from my blog i will give more discount kekeke

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fly tying vice

Yesterday during my lunch time me and necro went over to coho see see look look lol and happen to saw something i need. A Fly tying vice that could rotate the hooks after clamping it. I actually had 1 vice liao but mine are those that unable to rotate de lol cheapo 1 lor.

Anyway the new one i bought was also the cheapo tpye lol as long as its able to rotate and clamp my hooks will do liao.

The retail price of the vice is $26 before discount

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Last weekend

Sunday de weather was good me and my friends finally get to meet up to fish again ,esp get to fish with Xris again hahaha cos it has been a long time i last fished with him lor....

The catch on that day was not good our target fish seems to be not around , i only manage to hit a small kuku fish on 4 inch live impact.



Other than the kuku we also had some fun with the Whitings

The trip was fun with joy and laughters lol

Last but not least a song for team chilli and tomato

Fish while you can, fish while the fish are still THERE.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pro Tech Camo PVC Rod Tube

Our new camo design PVC rod tubes are out 2 days ago.

Available at

Chop Hock Heng Pro-Fishing Pte Ltd
289, Beach Road, #01-01

There are 6 different length rod tubes that able to fit rods from 6ft to 9ft 2 PCS or Butt joint rods.

Quite affordable price too, the price range is about $19 to $23 Nett.

Well maybe i'll let the pics do the talking kekekeke.











We had another brown colour design PVC rod tube on sale too but if you buy any of our PRO Tech selected models rods we will give the rod tube together with it for FOC.







Friday, January 8, 2010

Snapper landed by team chilli at 1 of the old playground

Just came back from fishing with mondo haha finally today he landed his first fish of year 2010. But first will like to share with you guys that chop hock heng which is the tackle shop that i'm working now lol has some camo design rod tubes in stock, price range are from $19 to $23 i'll put up some photos and details soon kekeke.

Ok back to the CR

Today just after work mondo give me a call and asked me if i wanted to try a old spot for 2 hours that we has not been too for quite sometime, hmmm so i told him lets chiong... ar.... before its too late lol. Mondo picked me up at ard 9pm at my place and about 20mins we reach our fishing location . Wow to much of changes liao sia.....i almost tot we went to the wrong place lol.

But anyway cut short the story k cos its a bit late liao got to work tml morning lol. Mondo hitted a small snapper with the gary yamamoto ika. Fish tot the rubber when its sinks to the bottom lol its like the fish is waiting for his rubber to drop hahaha.

ok heres the photos

SH... this coming weekend we must whack team chilli...... hahaha

Monday, January 4, 2010

My First fish in 2010 (1 JAN)

On the first day of year 2010 Team tomato and team chilli splited up into 2 diff place to hunt for the new year fish ( First fish of the year ) To some anglers first fish of the year is very important if they don't catch a fish lol it means bad fishing luck for the year.

Team chilli went for freshwater fishing,chilli ibr got his new year fish liao but the sad chilli mondo still zero fighter kekeke.

Members of team tomato which is me and sh lol reach our fishing location at about 10am we started off by casting along some breakers but nothing seem to be working, so i decided to move. I'm actually very farmilar with the location liao and i knew its time to make some noise on the surface kekeke so i took out my chug bug and start working it with fast retrieving.

Thomas and blur fish was with us on this trip too but so sad on that day they had no takes at all.

On my 3rd cast i could see it nice and clear cos i'm wearing a polaris sunglass the queenfish zooming from the back of my lure lol i felt my heart beats getting faster and faster...... seeing that.

The next thing i knew was BOOM!

The queenie took the chug bug "HOOK ON" but the fish did not manage to take any line from me lol my drag is to high liao it kept swinging its tail on the surface for a few time and then the next thing i knew was fish gone...... nb it got away.....liao there goes my new year fish...... sian liao.... siao liao... not getting a fish on new year day its not that bad lol losing a fish and its the fisrt fish of the year is BAD.....LUCK.

Stress sia... die die must get a fish today i told myself so me and sh continue our serach for the new year fish along the breaker. Moments later from far i saw sh whacking his rod like no tml i knew he caught something , so i immediately ran over and throw my rod on the ground just to help him land the fish. Oh man it was a nice 2.5kg grouper, sh was so damn happy lol . Last year his new year fish was a 2.5kg grouper this year also a 2.5kg grouper .

Lure used: Rapala rattlin



His so damn lucky lor.....

After hepling him on photo taking of the fish and releasing of the fish i grap my rod and wanted to head back to fish.... lol you know what?

i found out my top 2nd guide was broken WTH....... so fast my bad luck started liao meh?

I turn and told sh the samething i told him on a prev trip "I NO NEED FISH LIAO" he immediately knew what happen and start laughing.
NB 2 weeks ago my tip broke while i was fishing now.... the 2nd one ..... WTF...

After some consideration i decided to carry on fishing with my broken guide lol. Hmmm lucky i made the right decision about 30mins later when the tide starts moving again i hitted a small barra with Maria chase 105, the fish ran into a structure before sh could grip it up. My main line rubbed against the side of the structure, so lucky line was not cut.....


Rod: G-loomis GL2 6-12lb 6Ft
Reel: Daiwa caldia kix 2500
Line: Turf line 20lb
Leader: Triumph fluorocarbon Shock Leader 30lb
Lure: Maria chase 105

Good news came one after another

SH landed another nice barra on his Keitech 4" Swing Impact right in front of us!

Rod: G-loomis GL2 6-12lb 6''
Reel: Daiwa caldia kix 2500
Line: ygk power hunter Pe 2
Leader: Triumph fluorocarbon Shock Leader 30lb
Lure: Keitech 4" Swing Impact

After helping him on the photos taking part i when back to fish with a rubber that i had gave up hope on it liao de but well..... i decided to give it 1 last chance.

kekeke this time it did not fail me lor a small barra took it finally hahaha but compared to the swing impact of cos swing impacts action is nicer.

The rubber that landed our last fish of the day was..............jackall knuckle


It was a great trip and a good start for 2010 hopefully this kinda luck can be with us longer lol

Oh ya all fish was released

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year guys

Hi guys just came back from fishing and i'm very tired now hahaha, it was a good trip today hahaha i got my first fish in year 2010 liao so happy...... . This monring i was so worry after dropping a queen fish on my chug bug. Luckly at the end of the day i landed my new year fish kekeke

But i'm now aleepy and tired to post anything about it, i'll post it up once i got more time k.

Btw my last catch for 2009 was a small squid on 30th Dec lol the whole night only 1 sad sad....

Ok guys i'm going to sleep liao will update my new year fish once i got time

Good night,,,,