Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My first small GT on lure in local water

This was a recent trip with my kaki's

It was a saturday morning we met up kinda early for breakfast somewhere near my hse as usual. Reach fishing location at about 6.30am and started casting out our lures, the main target of the day we were going after was the queenfish. but they did not turn up lol. We casted all kinds of lure nothing seems to be working, so i tot of trying maybe some surface lure kekeke.

I took my small helco rooster and gave it a try on my don't know how many cast lol, my rooster was taken down by a small GT. I was kinda surprise with what such a small GT can be so powerful.

It broke the split ring on my rooster lol the whole ring was gone.

Finally hahaha