Thursday, September 24, 2009

We are back again with Marble Goby

It has been a good 7 months we had not been to this place, finally yesterday after watching some jap fishing video i decided to gamble my luck hahaha. Reached the spot at around 12am we are so happy just becos that we are back there again hahaha and start to see ripples here and there. If i'm not wrong all of us was using our all time fav rapala rattlin but only the new luck sucker ibr hitted a nice 6lb Marble Goby aka soon hock with slow cranking the rapala rattlin on the bottom.

The fish took the lure and swim towards him so not much of fun also la . Oh ya anyway soon hock was not a good fighter although they are predatory fish, but quite lazy in chasing after their prey. They typically wait for food to swim near its hiding and strikes when they get close enough.

That is why we need to work our lures on the bottom and try to cover a bigger area in seach of them.




The fish was released back to where it belongs , hopefully it will grow bigger the next time we are back there again.

Oh ya guys don't forgot about the toman pond this coming saturday k , will give you guys a call tml to confirm the meeting time.