Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yumeya Japanese restaurant

Saw this Japanese restaurant the other day when me and jamie was going around lookig for place to have our dinner.

Yumeya Japanese restaurant

Go they sell knots?


My first time on a kayak

Jack from kayak project invited me to join them on last saturday morning outing,happen to bump into a few friends that are now into kayak fishing. More anglers now find kayaking is a better way to fish in singapore.

On a kayak you could fish places that we are unable to reach by foot.

Since i'm there might as well give it a try, jack recommended to try out the emotion kayak stealth angler. The stealth angler are very stable and had lots of space for my legs hahaha,also comes with a build in rod holder. Really enjoy kayaking but to bad i don't drive, no way for me to transport a kayak on a bus or MRT lol.