Friday, March 13, 2009

Anglers hut moved

Anglers hut has moved to a new location.

19 kim keat rd
fu tsu building
Tel: 62981015

opening hours 10am to 6pm monday to saturday

Freshwater trip on wednesday night

Wednesday night after having dinner with roger and momok in beach rd till about 11 plus , ah hua came to pick me up and meet ibr and sh. Together we went for some freshwater fishing for the sebbies.

After the long walk finally we are there, the water level seems to be higher yesterday but the few days of rain were not enuff to fill it up fully sia..... But to me thats not a problem hahaha i'm there to fish no matter water high or low there is still a way to catch fish, just that you need to find your way there.

My first lure using was my all time fav Jackson athlete S7 for this place lol on my 2nd cast i had some unpack line on my spool so the lure sink to the bottom after when i'm done packing the line i felt the tip of my rod shaking hahaha so i crank in tot it was another yabbie . But when it surface lol it was a small soon hock , baisclly when i'm packing my lines the lure did not move a bit at all so no tips to share on how i work the lure.

but why this soon hock took the lure sia hahaha




After releasing the fish i continue to fish but this time i'm using the live impact 3 inch rubber slow cranking, moments later ibr asked me what im using so i told him i'm using rubber lor, then they are saying dave and his gang of kaki also happen to use rubber for sebbies and if not wrong a few was landed. hmmm after hearing that i start to change my working method to fast retrieve.

HAHA i got a strong take just in front of me i think this was the strongest sebbie i kena so far kekeke lol




Photobucket monthly Bandwidth exceeded

Oh great my Photobucket monthly Bandwidth exceeded liao so the photos on my blog will only be shown next month i guess lol . this was my first time encounter this problem since i was a user of photobucket in 2005. i have no idea why the bandwidth use up so fast this month lol. Or maybe this their way to force user like me to pay for the so call Pro acc? oh well lol what to do.......

I dont understand lol now is only 13th march 25GB leh...... so fast......

Oh ya i think by clicking the box will link you to the photos i think la hor...

Time to get a new 1 lol

Part 2

Oh... now i know what they are up too....

Just login to my email and saw a msg from PB telling me that my Photobucket monthly Bandwidth exceeded liao my image and video links have been temporarily disabled. My images and videos have not been deleted but will be reactivated on the 18th of the month, when your bandwidth usage resets to zero. they also asked If i'd like to re-activate my links right away, there are 2 ops 1: i can upgrade to a Photobucket Pro account 2: i can upgrade to a Photobucket Pro account for FREE by clicking on a offer link below.

Wow great offer leh... hahahaha but it don't sounds great to me i knew there will be something behind this. LOL yup i click on it then i found out actually you have to buy something to get the offer.

kekekeke yeah.......


Will update some catches on wednesday night tml gtg sleep liao lol