Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 027

Apr 12, 2007

After a short while of non-fishing season for me a friend of mine draged me out to fish on tuesday night, he told me there is a place everytime when he drive past the expressway you can see ppl fishing down the bridge so we give it a try. At about 2.30am we reached and start to cast our angle in seach of fish, there are lots of bait fishes ard but no sign of biggies at all.

We decided to move around the area and found a bridge it was quite dark i can't even see my fingers under the bridge lol my first cast BANG!!! hitted A........................ Rope lucky my hook did not when into the rope with just a few jerk the lure was free from the rope

Lol b4 i could warn my friend about the rope, his little angle was hooked onto it this time not so lucky the hook was set into the rope for sure. Try jerking it out but no use at all the only thing we can do is un tie the rope and pull the rope on top of the bridge. WAHAHAHA once again its safed

Both of us was bored after that so i told him we better go back to our playground when the tide is still right, my build in fish finder only works there

after a few mins of driving reached my long lost playground but..... the place was like a dead city with not much bait fish swimming around lol at this time what to do just try our luck by ANYHOW CAST lol

This is wat i caught with my anyhow cast angle a anyhow eat kim

Lure used: Maria angle kiss 115
Colour: white body with yellow top
Slow cranking

when i was trying to unhook the fish one side of the treble hook broke off



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