Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 040

Nov 05, 2007

Saturday morning me and Jarrett went for some morning workouts in hope that we could have some fun with the queens, once we arrived the fishing ground saw dave and his gang was already there.

So we went over

alan: hey any action?

dave: bo leh, what you waiting for dont wanna fish ar stand there for what? cast la!

after setting up our tackle we starts to cast, 1 hour later dave and his gang decided to call it a day with a few eggs kekeke. after they went off the weather started to change with strong winds, so i pray that the winds could blow the rain clouds away lol after awhile the wind stoped and the sky is clear. The lucky man of the day hitted a small queenie with the bug, this small fellow did not even had a chance to swim, all we can see is splashes on the surface lol so i asked him hey pull it in la dont waste time lol

CNR after some photos taking

chug bug


We went off very soon to FW3 for some freshwater fishing as Jarrett wanted to go try his luck again for the big cats.Our luck was not very good loss a few takes no hook ups so i decided to try my luck with my lures. FW3 do not allow lures to have treble hooks single hooks only, all hooks need to be barbless so i took out my Sobat80 cut the treble hook to single hook. On the first cast my sobat80 did it again in a freshwater pond kekeke

A alligator gar give the sobat80 a bite hmmm not much fight actually but at least we broke the egg. The first and the last fish to land for us on that day lol totally no luck with baits so we call it off for the day at about 4pm

Ima sobat80




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