Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Desmond first PB in bedok reservoir

Kekeke yesterday meet up with some friends to beach rd in the afternoon to get my plier as mentioned on the prev post. Nowadays young poeple are rich lor lol every week buy new jap lures hahaha, you know who you are k :x

While i was waiting for them in AO ( they are late for 30mins) desmond sms-ed me kekeke asking if i'm interested to fish, kekeke Yes....... of cos my hands are damn itchy lor to fish lol.

Saw a lure in lure haven that i wanted to buy quite sometime liao but it was a 35g lure i'm wondering can my rod handle it not so hmmmm i gave up on it in the end hahaha to avoid buying i run i followed KJ to hotspot to look around.

In the evening me and a few of my regular kakis took our dinner together.

Desmond came to pick me up about 6.45pm if i'm not wrong, he took his dinner there also. LOL problem lor we do not know where to fish SH, hammy and Ibrahim chionging pandan reservoir, kinda far you me and desmond hm..... ended up we decided to go changi CP7 to try our luck in saltwater our aim (grouper)

Me and desmond about 8.30pm reached spot tide was fking low, the breaker drop off was totally out of the water, i knew that it will be very slippery for us to walk on the breaker hahaha it was so funny if you saw us walking like old man slowly :x

I almost fall a few time

After 1hour 30mins of hard work hai.... big fat egg lor....mozz kept flying around our eyes nb, we decided to change location

kekeke end up we decided to go bedok reservoir legal ground for awhile,there are a few baiters baiting in the legal ground hmmm nvm they are also enjoying fishing so let them be la...

other then anglers lol we saw something which kids are not allow to see hahaha you know what i mean right.... WTH.

desmond and me was kinda bore after awhile i actually wanted to give up liao but after i turn on my touch light wow happen to see about 3 PBs just below us.... we both kept disturbing them till desmond took out his new toy he bought few days back , a red n orange colour lure hahaha i guess the pb cant refuse the offer by the little red orange thing hahaha the pb finally grap the lure. he was so happy that he forgot to sing his song

( i'm not gonna let you go baby!)

oh yeah baby finally crostage got him something hahahaha




How to increase Comments post

Hmmm hahaha this was my first time using this so not very good in it hmm i have a qns: How to increase Comments post? yesterday i visited a blog from wat i saw he can have up to more than 20 Comments in a post hmmm how do i do it huh lol get what i mean? i think now my limits is up to 5 Comments each post only how do i set it higher?

pls Comment

Pro hunter 6" split ring plier.

I got my pro hunter split ring plier from AO yesterday liao yeah..... but the quality seems like not that good anymore. Well for the price of it ( below $10 SGD ) what can we ask for, kekeke still usable la i'm just using it for light usage of opening split rings should not be a problem. of cos and unhooking fishes la sometime

Hmmm oh ya i think i will grap 1 more just for spare as i don't see much in the market now.