Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 062

Last friday day as usual meet up my group of friends at beach rd for dinner and kopi season but this time with tackle along standing by on our side. As bro ibr gave me a ring earlier on saying he will be free to fish on friday night.

The weather was not been good for the past few weeks almost everyday rains and we have no idea where to go untill bro ibr sms me that he will be picking us up at 9.35pm beach rd. At the sametime mondo asked me the same qns (where to go?) i decided not to give him any ans as i'm not sure the first location water condition allow us to fish not lor. Soon bro ibr picked us up and he asked " bro where to go" hmmm hmm somewhere nearby first .

OMG first location water condition was bad due to the rain water was like tea added with lots of milk.We fished for about 30mins the feeling was not right so we decided to move lol the same qns again (where to go, where to go) but before we decide i need to give mondo a call to tell him we are moving location again and will let him know once we decided where to go.

Rising tide..... ok lets try here ........if feeling not right again we change location kekekeke.

Second location looks better but the water level was still kinda low so we started off with minnows, they asked me what do you think here we can get lol.

Cuda lor and maybe grouper if you are lucky, we spended about another 30mins before hammy asking me a funny qns "alan got hope not" i tell him lol got la why? feel bored liao ar?

The next moment a guy sitting beside us moving his body front and back setting the hook shouting kena liao kena fish liao , The luck sxxker again with his screaming reel bending rod in hand 3 of us me, ibr and hammy was like omg him again lol. Fight was great the cuda gave a good work out on his reel, the splashing sound was loud and clear when it dashes in and out. Hammy slowly walk down to the breaker waiting for SH to pull the fish in for lip gripping, the breaker was slippery so i grap SH's grip while he was pulling the fish in i went down to help the ham.

Once the cuda surface everyones eye open up big big lol i grap onto his leader gripped the cuda.... up the fish go. IT was a 5.5kg cuda his biggest cuda so far, we took a few fast shots and released the fish.




Lure used AK white 115 ( The lure drop out from the mouth when i pull the fish up to the breaker)

The LL sh sit and relax for the next past 10mins "ha you all fish la i relax liao"

After the cuda we casted for another 30mins or so we decide to change location to 3rd spot somewhere nearby. but no matter how hard we try nothing was shown. move again to 4th location place looks nice enuff but...... we still cant beat the luck sxxker this time. Tired lol we go for some food k lol

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