Friday, December 30, 2011

New address for sabre tackle

Ok guys this is the new address of sabre

N0: 35 Arab street s199734

Contact remain unchanged

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hinomiya twin propeller from Bali

Aylwin bought for me this Hinomiya twin propeller bait from Bali on his recent trip, wondering will there be a change for me to use it lol.

After a long break from shore luring this morning we went to try our luck but yet another up sad trip. Ibr injured his ankle and the fishing was bad.
Only catch was just a small toman by mondo.

Looking at this I guess we are gonna stop shore fishing real soon.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

GUSA SW 79XF 12 - 25lbs, 7"9 spinning

Adding a new rod to my collection

Model : GUSA SW 79XF 12 - 25lbs, 7"9, Spinning
Components: Fuji guides and reel seat
Sports handle seperated by a screw on nut. Bought it from Nigel who almost didn't use it at all. He only used it once for casting some poppers.

Probably near mint condition. Guides are in mint condition. Almost no scratches on blank. but there are some sticky stuff on it need to remove it myself

Great for medium light popping at Rompin, Pekan or even shore casting. Toman popping may also be a great idea.

Just a rod that i'm looking for Nigel somehow help me save $260 as i'm planning to get another rod which cost $450 :x

Nigel i copy your post hahaha and edited it a bit hahaha.
Oh ya and pics hahaha dont shoot me k

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sabre is moving to new location

The other day was talking to the lady boss in sabre tackle, she told me that they are moving to a new location soon. The new owner only gave them 2 months notice for them to move out.

Jean Yip will be talking over the whole building.

New location of sabre tackle will be still in beach rd area, will update you guys when the new location is confirm.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Local madai cum bottom trip

This was from 1 of our trip few weeks back on a local boat, got the contact from a friend that has been fishing with the boat for many trips. The boarding place was not hard to find but a bit ulu.

Total 9 of us on this trip mixture of baiters and madai-er? lol

The Boat could take upto 10 pax max,heard from some customer from my work that there was once they went 11 the boatman dont want to set off lol. Welll thats the rules....

After having our breakfast and met up with the others i gave the boatman a call to ask him where and how to get to his boat. We had to walk a short distance of grass field but i can tell you its hell of a walk lol all of us been rape by the mosquito.


Ok.... The 9 of us is gonna take this boat out to fish!

Nah..... Just joking

We need to use the small boat to reach the bigger boat.





This was also a trip that ibr wanted to bring his dad along to fish, it has been quite sometime since his dad last fished. His dad must be very happy as he hitted quite a bit of good size fishes.


Some of the equipment we used for this trip

Stella 20000 with JM 3kings

Abu salty stage VS 1 with Palms BAY SALVOR 5ft.9inc. 1pc. Lure Wt. 80-200g PE0.8-2#Power3 Rod.Wt.149g


Daiwa RYOGA PE 2020 with poseidon

This boat is always on the moves did not anchor at a single spot, which is good for madai jigging. In the morning almost everyone tried bouncing madai,only ibrs dad and 2 other kakis were baiting.


First fish on madai of the day, jamie can't even feel there is a fish at the end of the line.

A small Spanish Flag Snapper for me on the JM 100G madai

That was the catches in the morning for madai as the rest of them all change from madai to baiting only me and jamie die heart madai jigging till the end of the trip.

Ibr's dad hitted a good size parrot fish with a live prawn during the first drop if i dont remember wrongly.





Before coming for this trip i heard a few feedbacks from some other friends that this boatman is very lazy and sleeps a lot during night fishing. On this trip his quite hard working in moving spots to spots. When reached a new location if non of us hit any fish he will start the engines and move to another spot. Btw he don't talk much the whole trip i only manage to talk to him like less than 10 times lol.








Double hookups



After a good nap jarrett check is there any fish in the box hahaha

On this trip aylwin trying out a new stuff call tennya hmmm basically its a improve Ver of the hong kong hook hahaha but the result of the tennya was not bad Yo....I guess soon this tennya thingy will be the new game for local anglers





At about 3pm plus i had a hard take on my madai haha finally my hard work paid off { I thought} The pull were strong estimated it could be a 4-5kg fish, i pumped it up about mid water then out of sudden i loss the fish! I turn and told my frineds about it, you know what? at that split sec the fish came back for my madai the 2nd time. But WTH after a few pump i lost the fish AGAIN......

Well at least i learnt something about madai from this trip hahaha

Total catch of the day
We will try to arrange another trip with him next year :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

White rabbit MJ3000 silver jig

Hi guys finally the White rabbit MJ3000 silver jig are back in stock, if you used it you will know its something that it will never go wrong for the price of the jig :) . I'm not promoting it just to share the news.

Available from 40-100g

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Taiwan JM AG Chain Knot

Here's a video showing how strong the knot could be. The AG Chain Knot K.S all the knots lol.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Less NETS more FISH

Found this on the net many years back, it says less nets more fish. Somehow i had to agree on that one way or another. Recently more FTW the thai,banggala,china etc...came to my shop and asking do we sell nets, the first thing in my mind was WTH netters again. Anyway lucky my boss don't sell nets hahaha . I hope one day there is a way to control them from putting nets everywhere in our home.

WAKE up garman! wake up!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


The new daiwa caldia 2011 model looks real cool lol looks like i'm gonna get it when its in sg.I had the older model of caldia it has been working good with me for about i think 4-5 years.

Was wondering will the new caldia be as good as the older ones? Nowadays things are not made to last,some new model from daiwa had some bad feedback eg the roto and gears problem etc... and the magseal thingy.

Real Four
Digigear II
Mag Sealed
Engine plate
Air Rotor
Twistbuster II
Waterproof UTD – Ultimate Tournament Drag
Real Stopper
Infinite Anti Reverse
Tight Silent Oscillation
Spare spool