Tuesday, October 13, 2009

East coast pole fishing for pomfret "we found the keys of getting them"

Last night me, jarrett and 2 more childhood friends went to east coast for awhile , the actual plan was the 2 of my friends are going there for rollerblading me and jarrett will wait for them to come back then go for kopi. As me and jarrett don't have our rollerblade anymore.

While waiting for them to come back me and jarrett went over to the prawning pond to see see look look then saw the pole fishing pond, water was so clear that you are able to see everything below hahaha.

Only 1 angler fishing last night in the pole fishing pond , we watched for about 20min no takes at all . You can see the school of pomfrets swimming around the pond but just not biteing. So we chat with him a bit and happen to know that he has been fishing for 3 hours in the pond liao but zero landed.

The more we watch the more itchy we get lol.

So end up we decided to try our luck for 1 hour.

Rod,line,hook,float and baits are provided ( prawn meat )


For the first 30mins no takes at all but we feel that they are too wary liao something must be wrong with the rigs. So jarrett pull the float all the way up to the tip of the rod and try fishing without using the float and let the bait sink to the bottom.

mins later surprisely one of the schooling pomfrets took the bait hahaha our first fish of the night! Now we found out that it is the float thats affecting the bite rates esp when the fish saw the float, so we remove the float and must have very good eye sights becos once they bite the bait you got to strike it or else fish will throw the bait out very fast when the feel the tension.

So if you guys are going try my tips
1: Remove the float / bait on the bottom
2: Look very careful on your bait
3: strike it once the fish took the bait

Short video




Total we landed 4 in 30 mins the last 1 did not manage to take together with the group photo becos it was a last min catch before we leave the place.

I'm going to the pond again reach after this post lol

Tackle shop in Bedok and Clementi

Just Happen to know 2 more tackle shop are ups

For those staying in bedok there is small tackle shop, they have some Terminal Tackle/Tackle and baits like live baits (prawns/fish), worms maybe tambans etc... have not been there yet but from what i know its behind the bedok stadium... address is

Blk 128 Bedok North, Street 2, 01-22... The shop name Zheng Hui Enterprise. Phone nbr is 64491932.

The other one are in Clementi

the first Daiwa concept shop in Singapore stocking a full range of Daiwa products!

E Waves Fishbyte

Address:Clementi West Street 2 Block 713 #01-125 to 127 Singapore 120713

Tel:6567 0807 or 91295177 (Mobile)

For more details pls visit their blog at http://www.ewavesfishbyte.blogspot.com/