Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Letting go some jigs and lures

Selling as a set $15 SOLD

Selling as a set $10

Selling as a set $20

Williamson jig SOLD

Price:$6 each

Rapala Rattlin RNR 7 SOLD
Price:$6 each

Contact me at 96938757 dealing and viewing to be done in beach rd.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The new catch & release pond in Pasir Ris main pond

Recently heard that the Pasir Ris main pond has a new catch & release pond, last saturday jarrett told me that he will be heading down on sunday. Somehow i ended up going down with my friends for a look.

This are the details of the charges and rules to follow, (Click on image for larger photo)

So i thought jarrett will come later on so i decided to start fishing. i actually wanted just to pay $30 for 3 hours to kill itch but mark told me that his willing to chip in $15 more and go for the 5 hours slot. hmmm ok that sounds good lol so we go for the 5 hours slot.

The Catch and release pond was just a small netted area just next to the prawnning pond

Anyway i fished for a few hours and i gave up as i had no takes at all, i got only 1 word to say.... SUCKS..... lol its a waste of time and money. I did not landed any fish sia.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daiso lures

Check this out guys new stuff from daiso i guess lol The baktao MMS me those photos.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sabre Tackle

Sabre Tackle
N0: 35 Arab street s199734

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Baktao went new zealand King fishing

Few weeks ago Nigel aka TT went to new zealand with jamie,angie and ah gal to hunt for the King Fish. Here are some photo and videos from their trip.

For full report pls visit Click here to see more detail of Baktao Heaven

Rod: Jigging Master 3 Kings Special PE8
Reel: shimano stella 20000

Rod:Evergreen Poseidon light jerker PE2.5
Reel: shimano stella

For full report pls visit Click here to see more detail of Baktao Heaven

Saturday, August 20, 2011

23 Days

23 days more to see the beautiful sky of Rompin, Sail..... wait for me pls hahaha.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rubber rod rack

Recently decided to get a rod rack for my room as my rods are all over the place, but my room are small unable to fit those wooden rack. So i got myself those rubber rack that you can place it on the wall or your cabinet.

I got this from my work :) It comes in a pair, which can hold 6 rods. Total able to hold 12 rods but hmmm i think its not enuff for all my rods lol.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

James boat last sunday

I had another trip on james boat last weekend with my kakis, the catch was not that good but was a relaxing trip.

Remember my previous trip with him? Click here to see haha we had a great trip with him we hitted the jackpot and landed quite a bit of barras. LoL that is why we booked another trip with him.

Luck was not on our side this time, fish landed that day was consider small. We did went back to the barra spot that he bring us the other time but nothing seems to be there. And the sad thing was there are some abandon nets where we hit the fishes.

We lost some jigs and rigs, many many lines and lol the spot if you know what i mean.

Somehow i realise something about james his a very organize person lol hmmm something like " Morning spot A follow by spot B, afternoon spot C, spot D, spot F then go home kinda thing" He bring us to the same place that he bring us on my previous trip. I somehow knew where will he move everytime he change spot lol.

But anyway i love his boat very comfortable and clean gives you the relaxing feeling.

Like i say luck was not on our side this time hopefully our next trip with him will be better.

Contact: James 9066-8324

Oh last but not least lol anyone know what is this call? lol it was so cool when it fly past our boat lol.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anglers' Outfitter New location

They had moved to a new spot

Anglers' Outfitter
New Address:
755 North Bridge Road Singapore 198723
Tel : (+65) 6294 7567

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thailand Pro Fishing videos

Thailand's yuki ito!

Another short luring trip to kill itch

Went for a short trip with jamie and sh 2 weeks back at one of the reservoir to kill some itch before jamie go for his NZ trip, when we reach somehow i felt it will not be a good trip lol as the wind was blowing strong that day. I don't know why but usually when there is wind the fishing will be sucky lol.

After we started casting our lures for about 15mins i heard a familiar sound from the back, the sound of a monster truck with the man standing there saying "HELLO" NO FISHING AR.....

After some chat with him hmmm his very nice and friendly he asked us to move over to the legal side to fish. Lol we waited for him to move off and went back fishing at the same area.

We also met a bangala fishing with handline he landed a peacock bass and you know what? he told us sheng siong supermarket is selling the peacock bass at 1kg $18, We was like WTF PB? 1KG $18? LOL

Anyway all fish we landed were released

Friday, August 5, 2011

To: Mr Ang

Hi Mr Ang, hopefully you see this msg lol

Yesterday i somehow got your number wrongly i kept calling the wrong number after a few try lol.

For the salty stage you got which is same as mine you can change the handle together with some other parts needed.

Just in case you may need the part number
Part No: 1160764
Part No: 1160934
Part No: 1117207
Handle Part No: 1190581

Drop me a call at my work if you need any help. Btw sabre tackle has all the parts you need together with the handle

Part No: 14868
Part No: 20944
Part No: 5327
Handle Part No: 1190581

The whites of southern islands

Our recent visit to the southern islands was quite a fruitful/fishful :) trip, all of us came back with smile :)

We went of at about 8am ... reaches the first spot to target the queenies,once the boat stops the fun started. We kept hitting queens all over the place we did not even bother the take much of the photos.

Most of the queens were released we did not even count how many we landed lol

40G Surecatch Flasher

After about an hour our boatman asked us, do you guys had enough of the queens? Lets go for the white fish or else later in the afternoon will not be a good time to go after them.

Oh ok lets go then

2 weeks ago ibr and mondo got themself the MAJOR CRAFT Go.Emotion 3-7lb rod from lure heavn, this trip they really tested the rod to the max. They hitted some good sized Longrakered Trevally,Bumpnose Trevally,Longfin Trevally and the Giant Trevally
on that rod. Jigs size from 10G to 20G as some parts of the spot we went the current was not that strong. When you are using small jigs you need to lower down your line weight in order to let your jigs to sink faster.

But 40G and 60G jigs are needed too in areas with strong current.

Storm Thunder Jig

Yozuri metallic sardine 30G

Having a break and taking shelter over the rain and strong winds at pulau hantu

Everyone is praying on that island lol hope the rain and wind wil go away. After about 45mins of wait the rain stopped, wind no long that strong. We went off to fish again.

Catch after the rain were still concider good mondo hitted a carol trout and a dubble hookups small GT's

LOL and more Trevally's

Lastly the best catch of the day on a 3-7lb rod MAJOR CRAFT Go.Emotion pairing with a daiwa luvias 2000 6lb fireline hitted a 9.5lb GT. The Gt took his small jig hmmm sorry i not sure how many grams its around 10g to 15g if i'm not wrong. But on that day small jigs hitted the most Trevally's.

Oh ya all 3 GTs was released

All of us enjoyed the trip hahaha thanks to Mr Ho ho ho :)

We will be back HO HO HO