Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 024

Date: Feb 24, 2007

Finally my long waited fish has came to visit me in the year of the golden pigy i'm starting to love pig's and best of all it was my first fish in the year of golden pigy

First upon reaching the spot i took out my chug bug and just pop ard with it in normal speed but nothing seems to be interested with it , when i was about to give up popping suddenlly something just came whacked my popper just infront of me, i was shock by the splash and the first pull of the fish the next thing i know is pull .... pull..... pull... must pull the fish back hahaha this is my first fish of CNY die die must land

And yes the fish gived up the fight and i won the war (actually not much fight kekekeke) surprisingly it was an Mangrove jack

Fish was released after some pics taken

Lure used: Chug bug



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