Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yesterday night me, roger and momok went to ponggol jetty for eging haha i knew that this few weeks the wind are blowing strong and it might be cool in the night so i was there with long jean and jacket kekeke . High tide was about 4am yesterday night but poeple like us do not have own transpot we need to get there by public transpot earlier, before 12 we was there liao surprisingly not much poeple yesterday night.

HAHAHA maybe they knew yesterday was not a good day to egi, anw momok got a one and only small Baktao

yesterday sian ar ~~~~~~

roger leave at around 3am for round 2 with other groups of kakis, me and momok stays till the morning for the first bus.



  1. Froze my butt off for a baktao... But it was worth it!!

  2. Nice one just immediately after i said I will make my last cast, you got it. So lucky.. kekekekeke

  3. Wah! Who using that reel in the middle ah!Looks like the new TD-Ignis to me!hehehehehehe..


  4. What is 'eging'?
    Nice blog, been reading all day since I found this.

    Jeff :)

  5. Yup bro sky it was a Daiwa IGNIS 2004 rogers aka sticko new toy hahaha.

    Eging = squid fishing bro