Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sad to see the PB

This morning we went to a place that i very long time never go liao, its a very open spot lol a place that will kena catch easily. I'm so sad to see the PB's are in now, last time use to be a place that holds lots of tomans, you will never see a single PB at all.

Now i think tomans had no chance to survive, in future PB's will be the only species that conquer our reservoir.

Toman and others will became rare species LOL number of species will slowly go down.

For now some will love catching the PB's, but soon you will hate them when you realise they are nothing good.

I landed 2 small one this morning before the TP " traffic police " chase us off. I was shock when the traffic police ask us to go lol, did'nt know nowadays TP also catch illegal fishing hahaha.

Lure: Heddon Torpedo

Lure: Ima Sasuke Shad 75

SH also landed a few small ones, only zero fighter is ibr.....