Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My birthday trip to Desaru

On my birthday we was supposed to be on ah ho's boat for local light jigging but lol his boat spoil 2 days before our trip. But luckly we manage to get slots for desaru.

The boatman was very hard working as the night before our booking he was out bringing another group of anglers doing night fishing, we was kinda worry that he may be to tired and may not do his job well lol. but we are all wrong! his still very hard working, kept swiftting spot seaching fish for us.

Jamie was still man of the day all the big ones are landed by him.

JIG: yozuri metallic sardine 40G

We hitted some queenfish on and off bite rates was not really good. I hitted a biggie but hai~~~~ hook came off. And ya bat fish was all over the place we can see them swimming here and there lol.

15G technic JiG

Jackson Pin tail tune 40G

Jamie is still consider new into fishing and his luck was so damn good, he hitted a snapper which made our jaw drop. No one expect it to be a snapper as the fish took the jig at mid water.

JIG: yozuri metallic sardine 40G

Later part of the day we moved alway from TU light hse to a rocky area saying that we could try our luck for the GT's and coral trout. But hmmm we landed more queenie and a few small trevally

It was a fun trip with my kakis even the catches was not fantastic.

This is my cake hahaha so cute right

We head back sg for dinner with Cindy and the rest of the guys.

Thank you guys
You guys are the best :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another playground fenced up

Last sunday i had a sms from a friend informing me that one more of the fishing ground we use to go were fenced up. What the hell is the garman thinking about lol forcing us to give up fishing in singapore? its time to move on, local fshing is gone for sure. I don't mind local boat fishing trip just to kil itch once in a while.

Gonna stop the buying of lures hahaha got to build more offshore tackle!

Oh ya btw the fenced up spot is at tanah merah safra resort so.. if you guys are going i think you better double check lol

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My second trip to Desaru in malaysia

Hi guys,

This was my second trip to Desaru with some of my friends. Ron,Jarrett,Taufik and jason. Jason is our fishing guide for this trip. hmmm ok somehow his paid to fish lol but well~~~ he still do a good job. If anyone is interested to hire him for trips to Desaru do drop me a msg here.

We had some simple food along the way to desaru.

His face tells you about the food lol

Small village by the sea

Mama and her chicks so cute~~~

He can't wait to get his hands on these fishes haha

Look at his face... his face tells you he can't wait to get his hands on these fishes haha

Our main target for this trip was actually the Tenggiri (Mackerel) at a diff location from TU light hse. But we told jason we wanna do some light jigging in TU first.

But lol this trip was not good we only manage to get some queenfish and my 1 and only skipjack tuna bonito. Heard many friends say in desaru if we go at the right season the bonito's are all over the place.

bonito's blood all over the plcae lol

In the afternoon we moved and went off for the Tenggiri but nothing was landed after that. Taufik hitted a big cobia but did not manage to land it, hook came off... sian...

Oh ya the boatman is very nice and hard working, will update my trip with him on 16 may 2011. My birthday trip :) soon the next time i got more time :)

Sorry ar old man liao, old man slow a bit hope you guys don't mind lol

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Black white and yellow

Last sunday me and jarrett went some lure fishing after the rain in the evening,it has been a long time since the last time i went to this place haha maybe i'm getting more and more lazy of walking. Well~~~~ it was a nice trip at least we had some good fun.

We reach the location at about 5pm, jarrett kept having takes on using the rapala rattlin. I was like WTF is wrong with me???

Rapala rattlin white 5cm


I'm trying out some small jigs as ibr and sh had some good results on one of their trip, but it seems like it don't work for me on this trip lol. After like about 30mins i decided to change lol

Ima honey trap is the lure of the day, only took some shots for the bigger ones lol small PB released without taking any photos


Since i had a bit of fun liao so tot of trying out the new lures hock heng bring in. well ... hahaha this is wat i got with the Urban Flasher 80 sinking lure.


We also hitted some nice Zebra Tilapia hahaha pls don't underestimate the power of this fish. It will give you some real good fun with light tackle. we are using those small sinking lures and slow crank, when the Zebra Tilapia hit your lure they hit hard so i just simply love them hahaha.








Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to vertical jigging

By Anonymous

Hi can i ask u the jig lures u use with the assist do u work them? when u cast straight away reel or let it sink abit then reel?

Hi bro

here is a video for you, i belif it will help you know more about vertical jigging. Youtube has lots more video just do some seach bro.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot spot tackle moving out

Hotspot tackle will be moving out and will be closed for awhile for 2-3 months till they found new location. This is what was told by wen long, hai.... sad 1 more fav spot gone hopefully they will be back soon... but the new location will not be in beach road anymore.

Anyway they are having a sale recently but i had no time to go over, yesterday last min had some time me and mondo hop over lol. We got some lures at very good price hahaha

Each lure for only $5.00 and when i got home then happen to see the price tag, price range are from $17 to $19.......