Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 026

Date: May 08, 2007

This is an very late CR lol finally i can post it out to share with you guys here, fishes on this CR was caught last week.

A good sunny morning me and a few of my regular fishing buddy went off to a old common fishing spot to try our luck see if we are lucky enuff to get any fish . When we reached the place abd start casting out our lures, dreamer shouted "Look infront iar away a school of baitfish being whacked liao lo fish jumping here and there lor..............." But sadly not even a surfcaster could cast such distance to where to baitfish were all we can do is watch the fantastic show for about 1 min. What could it be GT whacking ? queenies? cuda? Todak? hmmm nvm that, day dreaming won't bring a fish into biteing your lures lets continue casting our lures bah

But all the hard work did not bring any results after an hour of casting so we decided to do 5 more cast and move up a little , on my 2nd cast something took my 105mm maria chase in a sudden fishon but not for to long my line just bounce right back to me i was like WTF what happen my line break? NO no it's your snap la alan said dreamer standing behind me . OMG that is my 1 and only yellow top chase n i started to scold all the nasty word @#$%ABCDEFG @#$%^ KK got fish liao dont move we stay here for awhile more . Soon from not far away a fish jump out from the water somehow i could hear my lure shaking when the fish jump and i told dreamer about it , dreamer reply me say might be the fish is trying to shake off your lure go try see can find your lure there not so i went over to the spot and ho ho bingo my yellow top is waiting for me to safe him . took out my rainbow chase 105mm and start casting at my yellow top

On my dont know how many cast a fish took my lure again while i'm trying to safe my yellow top haha this time no horse run liao la hmm or it is no fish run lol cos i'm now using a decoy snap. A..... hmmm.... not much of fight as it was only a small ladyfish aka Herring or you can call it Tek Gor after taking some photo and released the fish then i remember my yellow top is still waiting for me to safe him "HELP ALAN HELP" was lucky not much of currect my lure did not drift far i'm still able to find it not far away lol lucky lei this time only a few cast i got back my yellow top kekeke what an lucky day i have kekeke

when i was on my way back to look for the others from far they seems like they saw something and start to cast at the same area , i fast fast walk over and ask what happen they told me got fish just infront whacking liao cast cast cast ar!!!

The lucky man with his new bought ima Farina 90F had a hit and landed a kim weight about 3lb what a lucky man kekeke

i feel so lucky to get back my lure and landed a small fish, sticko is also lucky to catch a fish so i decided to call this CR a feel so lucky catch CR




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