Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 037

Oct 08, 2007

My sobat did it again on one of our fishing trip

it all started in the late morning a few of us when recee ard for places to kill some fishing itch. Reached the first fishing ground there were lot and lots of bait fish swimming all over the place, they were all mullets first think came into my mind is hehe this should be a place for the kim's hehe but will be good if we came in the night. We was there about 45mins one of our brothers suggest we go for some refreshment lol that was me la normally i dont drink or eat while fishing but when i ask it mean i'm very in need of it. So off we go to the nearest petrol station we can find to grap some drinks after that we went to the second spot.The weather was great hot/sunny day and plenty of anlger's fishing at this area. A uncle next to us with his 2 son are having fun catch lots of Halfbeaks and some todaks took some photo's for them and carry on with our luring

About 4pm while me and Useree was taking a break relaxing i told him this place looks like another queenie spot from the looks of it and queenies do take lure in the noon after telling him that in my mind i was saying to myself if this time i hit a fish with sobat again i'll chiong down to lure haven to get another sobat. so i went back to cast my sobat80 method used was just fast cranking within a few cast i hitted a small queenie that ran left to right crossing the rods parking next to us the friendly uncle next to us quicky came over to help



From the 2nd photos you can see the hook was caught onto the throat so what we can do is cut away my hook and try to release the fish but too bad fish could not make it

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