Monday, May 31, 2010

My Pinky GLX

Recently Roger helped me to build my G.Loomis GLX in a rash for my local offshore trip on vesak day, Well.... all i can say is I LOVE THE ROD VERY MUCH! Its super sensitive and light, alvin also told me that this rod the casting will be sick, "SICK" as in it can give you a good casting distance effortless.

Oh Ya the first fish on my GLX was a nice parrot fish kekeke , i'll do a write up after i collected all the pics

But on my offshore trip i'm unable to try how good can it cast, i only use it for bottom fishing kekeke. SO yesterday me and SH went for a luring trip to test the rod out. i have been dry for quite sometime liao damn sian.... but finally i manage to break the egg on luring. And also amazed by the casting distance i get on my GLX, Its really effortless lor.... just a light cast the lure fly like no tml lol.

This was the fish that broke the egg, a small wolf herring on Ima sobat 80s.

Rod: G.Loomis GLX (custom)
Reel: Daiwa theory 2000
Line: Fireline 10lb
Leader: Triumph fluorocarbon leader 30lb
swivel: NT swivel #6
Snap: seahwak snap #2
Lure: Ima sobat 80s
Taken on fast retrieving



Before we call it a day i hitted a flathead but no pics taken as fish drop back into the water.... lol

Stay tune for my local offshore trip on vesak day, it will take sometime for me to prepare it kekeke

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hot sunny sunday at FW3

No place to go on last sunday so me and mondo decided to head down to FW3 to kill itch lol, Nowadays fishing spots are running out liao hai....

Meet up with mondo in the morning at about 6am to changi for our baits but too bad river land was not open lol, we tot they were 24hrs hai when we reach changi then know they no longer open 24hrs liao. We planning to get the fat worms from them lol too bad....

Even gina also don't have live prawns tat early that day sad sad....


No choice we have to go without any live baits to FW3.

Quite a bit of anglers on that day when we reach but still manage to find place to sit lol. I got a good size tilapia on flie but no pics was taken, nowadays the ah neh there very lazy.

Mondo champ he landed the most fish that day lol i lost the most fish that day kekeke. If i don't remember wrongly he got 2 choa paya,a patin, a kim, a tilapia with baits got from fw3.





I had a few hits on my flies but i can't land them , i had 1 which i can't control the fish at all lor lol end of the day throw hook hai.....

We leave at about 2.30pm and went for some lure casting at a freshwater hole somewhere with jarrett and alvin kekeke , nothing much only manage to hit small pbs hai....



Yesterday we had a local offshore trip again kekeke it was fun i think i'm hooked to that place liao. I will update it once i got the pics from thomas and ibr.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oil spill off Singapore after ships collide

This afternoon during lunch time the air had this awful smell , had no idea what it was and where it came from. but now after watching the news i know why liao.

nearly 2,000 tonnes of crude oil that leaked into the Singapore Strait after two vessels collided in the busy waterway.

Link to the news

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What do you think?

Guys this post is nothing about fishing lol, just wanna see what do you guys think about this.

Which is.....

How much/long can you tolerate if your staff comes to work late almost 20 working days in a month?

Here's what i knew

our standard working hours are from 9.30am to 6.30pm

1 year plus ago this person ( We call him "super number 2" )was almost everyday late for work, . he came at 11 plus sometime even came at after 12pm.

I guess my boss really do not know what to do at that time as maybe not enuff manpower

So my boss was so kind that she adjusted this number 2 working time to 10.30am to 6.30pm but yet till now his still late for work.

9.30am cant make it to work boss adjust to 10.30am still can't make it to work, what kinda ppl is this lol. And he kept telling ppl that his pay was the lowest in beach rd but di he tell ppl WHY? LOL i guess you should know why by reading the above.

There are still alot more shit about him which i think i need to spend 3 day 3 night to finsh it if i were to write them out lol

This has been going on for years liao i just do not know why my boss still can tolerate it.

NO one is happy working with him

Btw i do not know how long can i keep my cold too lol

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Short trip to FW3

Tuesday night after having dinner with jarrett and friends we decided to visit FW3 to kill some itch. Oh ya now fw3 only open 24 hours on weekends, 7pm to 7am on weekdays so if you guys are heading down pls take note about this.

Necro and TT recently had a trip there as well and they told me that the fishes there seems to be taking flies nowadays, so i bring along some of my flies to see if it really works kekeke. That night not much anglers around we start fishing at about 11pm, first i try casting around with some rubbers here and there but hmmm no takers at all.

OH well i think i should try those flies i tie kekeke

And you know what lol after a few cast i got a nice playing barra. all i did was twitch twitch pause-twitch twitch pause. My line went out during the pause, when the fish came in then we realise that it was a foul hook on the head of the fish.

I did not even set my hook.


After releasing the fish back into the pond i carry on with the twitch twitch pause method and after a few more cast lol i hitted another fish. Fight was good.... when the fish came up to surface, wow it was a pacu my first pacu on artificial.

This one was NOT a foul hook liao guys the fish took the flie during the pause, flie was hooked on the mouth of the pacu.



Before we call it a day i hitted a bigger fish which i can't manage to bring it up for photos hai.... it could be a chao phraya catfish. But never mind lucky the hook came off or else i'll be fighting the fish for another hour or so, then the next day no need go to work liao lol.

Jarrett was sad as he did not manage to get any fish that night.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Looking for kaki to sibu kelong

Feeling lonely?

Feeling itchy?

No where to go on weekends?

Let's join TT and Necro for a relaxing fun fishing trip to sibu hotboys kelong !


Anyone interseted to join TT and necro
to hotboys kelong this coming 21th-23th may?

Interested pls sms necro @ 92734549 for more details

Thursday, May 6, 2010

28lb World Record Speckled Peacock Bass

While i was doing some search for video's on youtube, i found this video on youtube posted by hookinfishonline on March 02, 2010.

So i clicked it and wow.... a 28lb bass on a G.loomis Escape Series rod "3 pcs travel rod" But he did not mention about when it was caught.

If singapore has this kind of size fishes in our reservoir i don't mine getting myself caught again lol.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Local light jigging trip on may day

My prev trip on his boat was consider good enuff, we had 20 over Sagai's landed on jigs and bit of other fishes on baits.


This was my 2nd trip on his boat i will still say its worth trying again and again lol, he is the best boatman ever i came across so far in local. But somehow result for jigging that was not good , i guess the season for Sagai is over liao. Lucky we got buy 1kg of live prawns standby hahaha "1 kg of bait is not enuff"

But ... but... still we enjoyed the trip.

We setted off at about 9am in the morning , the boatman bring us to a jetty like place to try jigging our luck for awhile . There were some takes but nothing was hooked up so we leave the place to another spot. Boatman told us that we abit late for the Sagai liao so i decided to use bait hahaha.

My first fish of the day


On my prev trip my hong kong hook was to big liao so this time i got a smaller size de, this time we landed quite a number of parrot fish on live prawns. Using hong kong hook is not an easy thing kekeke i'm still learning how to work the hook with the current.

Rigging the hong kong hook is simple just put your leader through the hole on the lead and snell the hook, put your bait and you are ready to fish.

If you are just doing light bottom fishing at that area 1kg of live prawns is not enuff lol as there are too many small fish around the area liao.

You will need a lots of baits to play the game, on every drop you will encounter lots of bites from the small ones. Once you feel the fishes biteing lift your rod a bit move the bait away from the fishes then drop it back for them again. In this way it may trigger the bigger fish around the area to come snatching food from the small fish.





I hooked up a 6lb queenie on live prawn during the fall of my bait.

When the current start picking up and we had not much of baits in the live well we moved to another spot for jigging but luck was not on our side.

Jarrett only manage to hook up a small chermin.

We moved too many spot liao till i can't remember lol, we kept moving and trying. Lucky at the end of the day i hitted the 1 and only Sagai of the day and jarrett hitted a 8lb queen on jig.

Jig was removed before photos

Our total catch of the day was not so good compared to the prev trip hai.... it could be better if we had more baits. Oh well.... the next trip we will get more baits kekeke


Our next trip will be on may 28th, We will be setting off super early on that day as we will be trying new stuff on his boat.

Luring cum trolling cum jigging cum baiting kekeke.